Spring Changes and Celebrations


Within eight posts, I will have posted 500 blog posts on this blog. This month should also see the blog having 1000 followers – which isn’t really that good because WordPress counts not only WordPress.com blogger users who Follow, but Twitter followers too (the posts publish onto Twitter also).

But worth celebrating in some way none-the-less. Because every last follower is special to me.

It’s Spring here in Sydney. All the native birds are going crazy with mating rituals, even our pets have found some more wind in their tails – probably because there are some high winds. A little rain has seen off recent bush fire problems for the moment, and it’s also the spring school holidays meaning I don’t have as much work time (writing time) to myself.

But everyone, everything feels at ease.

Status Update Alert: Writing and Marketing an Ebook

BookCoverV2d Amazon thumbLast week – with the impending school holidays sitting on a shoulder, I managed to complete the first draft of Evernote for Writers. There is an obvious need for revision and cutting, and for more user input.

My Book Marketing Plans! (should be in huge letters) are also tentatively penciled in. I realized that this first experiment of all the indie processes for real also requires a large learning curve for me, in software, websites, procedures, and in revising etc.

My first book plans took me up to close to Christmas – not an ideal publishing time for many. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to get anyone’s attention (as if I can now?). So I delayed the full launch until the New Year – again, not ideal, but it adds some contingency when (not if) I encounter a problem in working the plan.

In celebration of all this (okay, in celebration of spring and the need to clean) this website has undergone a change in design. If you’re reading this via an RSS feed or reader, you may not have noticed. So pop by to check out the new ensemble and logos etc. I’ve also updated my author website, HunterEmkay.com with a few changes in readiness.


Newsletters for Writers

This subject is so big it needed a new heading.

EVERYONE. Repeat. EVERYONE and their dog or cat, tells us to have a newsletter list.

This was the one thing, the one big thing I rebelled against. Sure, WordPress offers a signup by email facility, and feedburner can turn feeds into signup email newsletters. But I signed up personally to so many author/writer newsletters out there only to find nothing was ever sent out – or worse – when something arrived in my inbox, the content was…um…okay….boring.

There. Said it.

Throw your stones later.

Having a newsletter is fine when you’re a big name author and all I’m interested in, as a fan, is hearing from you when your next book is coming out, where to get it, and how to get it cheaper or win a competition or something. Or, if your blog offers guidance on subjects I am interested in, then by all means send me the news – not just a link of recent blog posts – I’ve probably already seen them float past in my RSS Reader anyway. New content. Send new content only.

I – and thousands of other writers – can’t offer that kind of news.

So. For a long time I never offered a list.

But now I am about to. It’s a newslist with a mission. Not an author list – because I’ve not got that series of fiction out as yet (one day…one day….) but a mission-based newslist for writer geeks and writers who want to be more productive – People who want to know about software and apps and productivity tools that make their life and writing easier, not harder.

First off, there’s a mission to include newslist signees in the final version of Evernote for Writers. If you sign up, you get to drive some of the inclusions in the book – but you won’t have to wait around until the book launches – I’ll answer your questions straight away. You’ll get some help in using Evernote (and other apps etc in the future) and I’ll get some inclusions in my book. Win-win. (Oh, and you could get the book free or discounted in the future too).

Yes, for those of you who have any awareness of the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula, I am seed-launching my newsletter, and the book itself, in a small way (as a trial). But you don’t need to feel put upon with marketing pushes. You get to benefit.

TechforWriters200Also, as a blog reader, you will find the additional content in this area now comes under a new logo – Tech for Writers. That’s simply to allow it all to be found easier. The newslist will contain exclusive content aside from these blog posts. Hopefully in time I will also be able to offer discounts, exclusive links and cheatsheets etc to newslist readers.

If this newslist interests you, check out my very next post.

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