Poll Results: The Cover Reveal

BookCoverV2d Amazon thumbThank you to all who took the time to vote in my cover poll for the upcoming ebook, Evernote for Writers.

The poll results were surprisingly evenly split between my first design, a busy all-over green cover, and third design – the later had a computer and mobile devices on the cover. Both received 37.5% of the votes.

I screwed up voting, though, by laterly producing a fourth design, much simpler. This went into the poll, but at a very late stage before poll close-off. I believe one of the votes on that cover was my own also, testing out whether the poll still worked. **blush**

I also received feedback via other means, suggesting the cover layout with computer was still too busy (I love busy, so my bottom lip still quivers a bit that everyone else didn’t like my pen – which made a come-back on my new header – look up top to see that pen grinning all the way to the top). The feedback resulted in the very simple fourth design.

Although my heart – and the majority votes on the poll – still sit with the third design, I have decided to run with the fourth simple design of mine. This is because I want it to stand out on Amazon as a thumbnail, and also have space across the cover should I ever have something else to put on there (like a quote from somebody semi-famous, or perhaps some bonus content streamers).

I am not a professional cover designer, and unless I went to fiverr.com or similar, have no budget for this first book cover of mine. So, this book cover will remain until such time as I:

  1. Become financially successful in writing, enough to afford a proper designer, or
  2. Some cover designer takes pity on me, and decides to RAK attack my cover. (These types of hints never work out for me, but we have to live in hope for that someday, right?).

Before number two happens, here’s the cover as it stands. BookCoverV2d small

For those that voted and commented, I thank you again. You helped immensely, and killed the pen and bus-i-ness of my designs.

Poll Post : showing all four designs.

2 thoughts on “Poll Results: The Cover Reveal

  1. I like it. Simple is better, especially with an e-book it will be shown in different sizes, like you said and you still want it to grab attention. I think you did good. I keep hearing about Evernote, I may have to check the book out.

    1. Good. It helps to have some kind of confirmation on my decision, Peter. Not being a proper cover designer (I hope to hire ones in the future) I feel a little insecure over design choices.

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