September Reading Log


I’m a bit stunned by the amount of books on this list for the month. The reading log for September is in chronological order – the reads at the start of the month are at the back, moving forward to the most recent reads – some in the front are still current reads, in that I have to finish them off.

HuntingDownWriting ReadingLogThis later half-read pile is an example of later day reading challenges – a problem with e-reading is that it’s easy to have several books open and saved to their last read place, all at once. Like attention deficit syndrome for readers – it’s easy to move into another book, and forget to go back.

What we need is a nagger notification to go back and finish that book. And that other one. I wonder (ever so briefly) just how many books go unfinished nowadays with the throwaway reading society built on 99c ebooks.

And I go and groan at my daughter for channel switching every few minutes when she finally gets her brief television allowance. We talk about the attention span of children nowadays, but what of us?

And (she says with a grimace) only one fiction book in the September lot. My pile of books bares witness to the amount of research I’m undergoing towards technical research, book publishing and marketing, book launches, and some more indie support too.

Reading non-fiction from fiction is different – we all know that – so I found it difficult to go back to narratives and character arcs in the one novel I attempted in that mass of non. Hopefully by November I will fan the fiction again.

Have your own reading habits changed over the months? Or are you more consistent or a strategist in reading?

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