#Showyoumine Grammatically Speaking

Grammatically Speaking

Britt is a geek girl just like me. She has created a Grammar Quiz for you to test your skills with. The quiz starts off with questions helpful for my eleven year old daughter, but don’t be fooled. Some are tough. Or was that just me?

You can share the quiz via all the normal social places, and go back to look at incorrect answers.

Grammatically Speaking.

Click image to open interactive version (via Staples.ca).

5 thoughts on “#Showyoumine Grammatically Speaking

  1. That was great! I got 97%. The one that tricked me was who/whom. I actually never really learned the proper rules, as in I don’t remember most of the technical stuff, and yet I still generally know grammar.

    1. Both of you put me a few points to shame. In my defense, I wasn’t fully focused at the time – a cockatoo was attacking my woodwork.

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