Another Hashtag November activity: #ManiWriMo


Just when I thought I had my November planned out (see Taking the No Out of #NaNoWriMo), along comes another worthwhile writing activity.

Dana Sitar, of The Writer’s Bucket List and DIYWriting, is running ManiWriMo or Manifesto Writing Month. It’s for all those people who think they have a big idea, but haven’t so far got it out into an ebook (or manifesto).

Registration is FREE. And you will receive a free copy of Turn Your Tagline into a Manifesto, a guide to help you draft your vision for your ebook. From November 1st, Dana will send out a daily email with motivation, inspiration, and even free tools to help you write the first draft of your manifesto in 30 days.

There’s a Facebook site, and blog badges if you want them. All for free. Sounds a great way to get that non-fiction ebook out of you and into the world. Sign up here.

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