2 interesting email newsletter facts for writers


The number one thing we are told to do as writers wanting to build platform, is to have an email newsletter of some form or other.

Despite the constant debate over whether we should blog (and who to, what about) or how much time and effort should be put onto other social media aspects, the one direction every guru out there gives us is to have a newsletter.

Newsletters let us inform and engage, no matter what our other platforms and websites are doing. And subscribers are kind enough to give us permission to enter their inbox to do so.

Here are two interesting facts about newsletters:

  • A recent marketing research conducted by MailChimp (the service I recently setup my Tech for Writers newslist on), the average email opens were under 20 percent.
    • Karen Cioffi says – “Knowing this information is important, so you can determine whether you’re: a. Below average b. Average c. above average d. a super email marketer.” The post considers options in getting more open rates on those newsletters.
  • Other advice suggests that when collecting new subscribers, Non-Fiction newslists can collect first names or last names with the email lists, while fiction subscribers prefer not to put their name down at all. Isn’t that interesting?
    • My Tech for Writers newlist, being a non-fiction list, does provide an optional field for first name. The majority of subscribers do put in a name (not that I will ever use those details), and a few don’t.

My experience is limited to non-fiction newsletters personally. I’ve only signed up to a few author emails (of big-name authors) and coincidentally, those are the ones which seem to trigger my spam filters so I seldom am aware of them. Nor unfortunately, of any promotions or contests they may be holding. Instead, for fiction I rely on social media buzz, visiting official author websites and Amazon recommendations etc to tell me when there’s a new book out by a favourite author.

What makes a good newsletter for fiction writers? Share your favourite(s) and why?

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