Ready for November and some Coffee Tips?

Coffee Tips

One day to go to the writing world’s marathon month. Readers of this blog may have noticed that there have been slightly less blog posts around lately. Expect even less during November, but I’ll make it up to you later, and over the month, with a new Coffee Tip newsletter.




As can be seen to the left, I’m taking on what looks like far too much for November – not only NaNoWriMo itself, but two lots of Non-Fiction challenges (both are brilliant, by the way – so follow the links to sign up, if you have non-fiction in mind.All I hope from the challenges is to come out to December with some body of work that is closer to publication.

Coffee Tips 200

Over the next few weeks you should expect only the occasional blog post,


Signup here to the Tech for Writers newsletter (if you haven’t done so already), and get the Coffee Tips newsletter in your inbox.


What’s Coffee Tips?

Tomorrow (Friday my time) I will be sending out the first Coffee Tips newsletter to that list – it holds some links to other tech or productivity orientated posts from out on the blogosphere, and is offered as some light reading over coffee.

I’ll be sending the Coffee Tips newsletter out every couple of weeks, between the bigger Tech for Writers newsletter which often contains freebie guides etc. Signup here.

Now. As I embark on November madness, see you on the other side.

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