E-Pub Co-op: Team Publishing for Entrepreneurial Writers

Dana Sitar, founder of DIY Writing, and author of the now free ‘Writer’s Bucket List’ has just launched a promotion through Indiegogo.

Currently this month, Dana is running the #ManiWriMo email list, which is basically a Write your Manifesto in 30 Days challenge. The next one starts up December 1st. Subscribers get a daily idea or prompt in writing a short manifesto or putting into writing a BIG IDEA. Sometimes tools or links are shared, sometimes we are given a motivation tip to keep writing that idea.

This week Dana has launched the  E-Pub Co-op which begins rolling out in January next year. The E-Pub Co-op is available for pre-order now, for up to 50% off, to register for various portions of the campaign on Indiegogo.


We understand that too many brilliant messages are lost in the noise because writers don’t have the funds, support, or direction to make it through the process of publishing a book.

E-Pub Co-op offers the resources and support authors would get from a traditional publisher — editing and feedback, design, conversion, and marketing help — in a team environment with DIY Writing experts and peers. Each team member will leave this 12-week program with their own ebook self-published under the DIY Writing label that they can share with their readers for 100% of the profits — no strings attached, and no fees to join.

The initial campaigns offer several packages of up to 6 different courses in the E-Pub Bootcamp series, or which Write Your Manifesto is an example. These are intended as very brief thoughts to digest and lead us through the principles needed to publish our BIG IDEAS – from planning, to how to create e-book covers, and to launch and marketing. Perks can be chosen from as little as $1 to sponsoring an E-Pub author, or coaching. I particularly like that people can select individual courses or smaller bundles from the six to fit our needs or budget. The full program runs for 12 weeks.

What I find an even more interesting benefit from raising more than the initial funding target, is the co-op team approach. The base goal will launch 5 authors as a team, additional targets will confirm another team for 2014.

Authors enter the program through an application process, submitting a book proposal and an overview of their author brand and goals for the book. For each session of the Co-op, we’ll form a team of 5 authors to publish 5 ebooks in 12 weeks. Authors work together at every stage to provide peer review on the concept, writing, design, and marketing plan for the book. As the publisher, DIY Writing provides a Team Leader to guide the process, and in-house copyeditors and cover designers to polish the ebook.

I was the first person to purchase one of the perk packages (accidentally so, due to my Australian timing) because the co-op approach intrigues me (especially around a guaranteed team to peer review our work) and I also believe I could benefit from some further marketing ideas for my own manifesto.

You have 47 days left to contribute to the campaign or purchase some of those perk courses. Go here for further details.

Quick Update: My own BIG IDEA fell through this month, so I’m not actually writing a manifesto. It just didn’t live up to the rush and goriness of the NaNo or WriMo month. Instead, I’ve been writing fiction, a YA novel, and really (REALLY) enjoying it, with a side into revision of my non-fiction Evernote for Writers, which will be published after the Holidays rush.

So, if anyone has a BIG IDEA going spare, and is willing to share with me, please tell. *Grins*

2 thoughts on “E-Pub Co-op: Team Publishing for Entrepreneurial Writers

  1. Oh my goodness, Hunter, thank you so much for this article!! I’m sorry to just come across it now. I’m so excited to have you in E-Pub Bootcamp next year (and if you want a hand sussing out your Big Idea before you get started, don’t hesitate to reach out: http://bit.ly/danasitar). I so appreciate your support of the campaign and look forward to connecting more 🙂

    1. No probs, Dana. I only discuss services or information I believe in on this blog, and your E-Pub Bootcamp is extremely exciting to me. Looking forward to working with you come the new year.

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