NaNo Done


I finished past the required 50,000 words on Friday, and have had to wait until today to grab the final banners etc. My win includes 52000 new words since October, just under half of which are new fiction words, the rest is made up of a few bits of copy, and blog posts.

I don’t feel particularly much about the win (or not) this year, in fact I’m quite apathetic. I will put this down to my own changing writing patterns, and going into the month marathon without preparing much. I hit walls on several projects I had intentions of writing during the month, due to lack of ideas or real motivation.

By last week I just wanted to get the whole thing over with, and to get back to writing for the sake of loving to write, and I wanted less pressure on me to complete the YA novel I started during the challenge. I’m also working on the prep stages for a couple of manifestos, and on getting pub-ready on my first ebook. And I love the YA novel I started enough to know I want to tidy up the ugliness of writing the first section inside of NaNo.

This week I’ve also got a lot of non-writing work to get completed – it’s the last full week of school for my daughter and I’m thick in the midst of preparing end-of-school year thank you gifts for all my daughter’s teachers. (We’re making paper-crafted word-birds, which I may get around to sharing on here soon).

I’m so glad NaNo is over (for me) this year. Good luck to everyone else still in the throws of it. Whether you succeed or not, it’s still a few more words under the belt.

3 thoughts on “NaNo Done

  1. Congrats on writing 52000 in three weeks 🙂 I only just passed 30,000, but I’m not sweating it too much. If I get to 50,000 by the end of the month, then I’ll be pretty ecstatic as it’s my first year taking it “seriously.” But if I don’t, meh, I’m still pretty happy that I wrote over 30,000 words in a month.

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