Discounted Workshops and Courses at Holly Lisle

Holly Lisle Cybersale

Way back years ago when I was first investing in my learning of the craft of writing, I discovered Holly Lisle’s workshops and ebooks. Although I continue to invest in my own craft knowledge and practice (as all writers do throughout their career), at the time, Holly’s How to Think Sideways Novel Writing Bootcamp (as it was called back then) was precisely what I needed to complement all my reading.

Now, some of her courses are available on a time-limited discount, to celebrate her new websites upgrade and because it’s that week of the year when everyone goes silly (good-silly) with sales.

The original course in novel writing was a huge investment for me in time and money, running over six months. But what taking that course  did (aside from some legitimate skills I needed) was that it allowed me to treat myself professionally – I was investing hundreds of pounds in lessons and time, and it was up to me to get the most out of it, and to put what I learnt into practice.

I’ve since taken other courses from her, which have allowed me to drill down into different aspects of writing, or augment my own learning curves with fresh ideas.

If you are after some of Holly’s courses (and are not yet a free member and getting her emails), perhaps as an early holiday gift for yourself, Holly is running a discount promotion on several smaller workshops.

The discount coupons I am giving you below expire after December 4th – so you now have a couple of days to use these.

These are affiliate links. We always have to make excuses as writers about using affiliate links, something I’ve not seen existing with other business groups or artists on the net, but there you are. Please be assured that I never recommend or use affiliate links unless I believe in the quality of the product I’m sharing. I don’t use up valuable writing time on blog posts unless I really recommend the items involved, either.

In fact, I purchased several of these workshops myself using the discount codes yesterday – including the 7 Day Crash Revision Course which I need, and I took the opportunity to take the How to Write a Series larger workshop as a gift to myself. I’m also taking a tiny breather this week from all that writing frenzy of NaNoWriMo, and working on some long-term passion and goal setting, so the How to Find Your Writing Discipline short course comes at the perfect time for me.

The following links will take you to a page with more information on each course or workshop. You can purchase from there, using the supplied discount codes (expires Wednesday 4th December). Happy learning!


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