Creative Project Request

Wonder Woman doll
Dear friends,
I’m working on a creative project and could use your help.
Could you answer the following question(s) and send me a reply by email by this Friday, December 13th? Feel free to write any length; even just a few words is helpful, a list of words, longer stories, whatever you like. If you’d prefer to answer via a brief comment on this post, please do so.
1. If you have a partner/spouse or children who know that you are a writer, what do they think writers do all the time you are ‘writing’? Have you had a discussion with them regarding the roles and tasks of a writer? ¬†Are there problems in communicating or understanding the varied roles we as writers must undertake? What about your non-writing friends? How about your colleagues or managers in a day job?

2. Could you share a personal anecdote or meaningful memory about dress up paper dolls? Whatever pops into your mind is great!

See, told you it was a creative project. Bet you didn’t see that paper doll question coming.
Feel free to answer one or both of the above questions, and again, answers of any length are welcome.

If I end up using your response in my project, I’ll get back in touch with you to find out if you’d prefer to be anonymous or for your name to be used, and for you to approve the text as written.

I really appreciate your input. Please let me know how I might return the favor and support you!
Email to: hunteremkay (at) gmail dot com. You know how.
Credit: Wonder Woman paper doll by Anne Simmons (several tumblr blogs have featured this, but nobody can identify the original source).

3 thoughts on “Creative Project Request

  1. Not sure I can be much help, but I do remember the weekly thrill of Bunty. (Britain early 60s but I am sure the comic was quite old when I started reading it). She was such a solid young girl it was usually possible to carefully cut round the central figure printed on the back page and that week’s selection of unimaginative outfits…sailor dresses were quite popular I seem to remember. Never saw anyone else wear one…

    1. I did. I wore a sailor suit for one of my first baby portraits – so did my brother. Both featured lacy collars. It was just that kind of era.

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