Pay as You Like–Fiction Bundle


There are only ten days to go to pick up a bundle of DRM-free ebooks in a bundle, for as little as $6. The first Fiction Bundle package available is a science fiction / fantasy package from authors like Dean Wesley-Smith, Frank Herbert or Kevin J. Anderson.

I’ve previously written about the packages or bundles of great books available through Story Bundle. Fiction Bundle operates almost identically – you choose the amount you are willing to pay (with a minimum set). If you pay $10 or more you will get a free ebook thrown into the bundle.

You also choose how much of a percentage goes to the service, how much to the authors and how much to charity – in this case the bundle is supporting The Red Cross and The Challenger Center for Space Science Education.

Once your payment goes through your book links will be sent to you. Ebooks are available in Mobi, ePub and PDF formats for your viewing pleasure. And you can gift the bundle, perfect for a Christmas gift for anybody ready to fill their new e-reader device.

Link: Fiction Bundle.

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