Ignition Blueprint–Gift Yourself


This is not an affiliate blast, I am not an affiliate. But I think a few of you, as writers, might like to gift yourself with a very cheap course on writing for the content marketing / kindle ebook markets.

Ignition Blueprint is available for the next 2 days only for $90 off the normal price. It may be cheap in price currently, but is not cheap in applicable content.

Ed Dale is reknowned for his Blogging Blueprint and 30 Day Challenge (to build a blog) which came out years ago when many of us didn’t know blogging. He’s now moved on to content or ebook marketing to make money. The Ignition Blueprint or Challenge takes you through four modules of videos on creating content and setting yourself up to make money (in a niche) for only 30 minutes a day.

You may be thinking – but I’m a writer, not an internet marketer. What’s she going on about?

Well, the course which normally retails for the typical $97 is discounted by $90 for only a couple of days only – that’s $7 for a nice gift for yourself.

And as I have gone through the modules, I was amazed to find that the first two are very relevant to me as a writer already. The first concepts talk about time management, and show a process of working with reading RSS feeds to find out information / research via Feed.ly, Pocket and Evernote – the exact process I have used for many months now.

And this first module also introduces several tech tools such as a bit.ly which any author should be aware of. The last video in this module gets us signed up with KDP ready to publish our own digital content up there. It also discusses SEO and keywords – over the last few months everything we knew about keywords for building sales on our books or being found on our websites, or blog posts, has altered again. This course gives us up to date information.

Plus – should you use a pen name? Where to get images for your content. Reviews and rankings, tracking stats, additional content to help sell your book.

I decided to tell you about this offer when I started up on Module 2 – there are several sections on using the writer’s favourite writing tech – Scrivener. But also – several mindmapping or brainstorming apps for idea generation help, and info on Kindlegen, and creative commons licenses.

Feed.ly, KDP, Evernote to hold all your information, and then Scrivener – you can see why I believe this course for only $7 currently is well worth a consideration for even fiction writers interested in building their platforms and selling digitally.

The videos in this course are all downloadable – and small – each section is designed to take only 30 minutes. So you can afford to download and go through these whenever you like (after Christmas, anybody? Yeah, me too).

Click this link to get all the details. You will find the discount coupon code right there on the page. You have 2 days left to gift yourself with a good little course and some knowledge and tech processes too.

As I said, not an affiliate link, just a good discounted course that may well be of benefit to my writing friends. And there’s a 7 day refund/money back on it, if the course doesn’t fit you.

2 thoughts on “Ignition Blueprint–Gift Yourself

  1. Time to post some how that the offer is gone. If your not offering the system anymore and the offer is over then you need to let us know. Use BIG BOLD LETTERS AND LET US KNOW

    1. Well, it’s been a week since posting this suggesting at the time that the offer – which is not mine – was for only a couple of days. I’ve had a lovely Christmas break, thanks. Hoping that you have too.

      For any other post readers interested in such time-dominated posts, the information is normally found in the post. I prefer not to use too many caps letters in posts – a throwback to days of corporate emails where caps were shouting and perceived as being rude. But Marie has a point, I could have made the expiration date clearer, and will do with other posts once I’m out of holiday mode.

      There is currently a book package available until 31st December.

      Happy New Years, all.

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