2014 Greetings

2014 Writing

Greetings all. I return to the keyboard after a couple of weeks away from it, somewhat out of guilt as my other half returns to work today also. But I have little to say.

It’s beenĀ  sweltering hot, sticky and lethargic temperatures in Sydney over the last couple of weeks, and my energy levels for anything have perspired away from me.

The web is full of blogger advice – it appears to be a 50/50 split with some experts suggesting resolutions are a waste of time (and sometimes to make goals or even daily goals or action points as a replacement) and others who say we should be making solid goals (and publishing them) for our writing year ahead. And all around, people are doing hindsight reviews of 2013, the good and the bad.

I have little advice on this. Do what fits your own writing style and productivity cycles. I like a good plan (my 2013 writing goals infographic is a top hit on google, for some odd reason), but I am also very casual over those this year. Early December I had some big plans for particular projects, only to find the summer heat seeped them out of me. Instead, a new story came to me, which I want to play around with, while also finishing up on some other projects.

It’s still school holidays over here for the remainder of this new year’s month, so I will be busy doing all the things Mum’s do with their kids in the long summer holidays, and this blog will continue to be abandoned from posts for a little longer. You won’t mind a bit.


For 2014: Keep Writing. And take breaks to walk in grass barefoot.

Enough said.

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