The Second Project: A Year of Vid [Life+]

I have two whole-year projects running this year. You’ve seen #52tech already – this is a project of documenting 52 weeks worth of tech or tools posts for creatives. My second year-themed project is a Year of Vid, of which only small amounts may be shared on this blog.

A Year of Vid is modeled on Kylie Dunn’s Year of Ted program, completed in October 2012. She left us with a list of some awesome TED videos to watch, and which she’d trialed as concepts in her own life.

Last year I took a lot of online courses. I was at that point where I needed to learn more about the deeper states of writing. This year I don’t intend doing many online workshops, courses or challenges at all. It feels like a big year of completing things, and applying what I’ve learnt in theory.

BUT, I appreciate that I’m a passionate lifetime learner, and learning, thinking, and applying those varied thoughts is what helps to not only keep us all developing on a personal level, but is required for any writer.

I call it my Year of TED in my head (I made a rhyme!) but really it’s a year of videos, as I am including all sources of good motivating videos in any interest areas of mine.

I’m going to start with this share of a last year one, which I talked about a little in this post and created an infographic for the concept of Work-Life-Blend and all. It seems relevant to me at the moment.

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