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Part of my own self development efforts this year sits around forming a good technical knowledge of the software and apps that I utilise on a day to day basis as a writer. The writing program, Scrivener, is a major tool in my writing toolbox. And there’s now an excellent course available for visual-orientated learners for the program.

Joseph Michael is the self-named “Scrivener Coach” and endorsed by Literature and Latte for his set of video courses and tutorials. I signed up, and here’s what I thought.


Last July I mentioned another course by Scrivener expert and author, Gwen Hernandez. I took the six week course for Windows Scrivener, and got a great amount of new knowledge. Gwen incorporates PDF files with tutorials and screenshots, which are an awesome reference to the program’s ins and outs. I highly recommend that course if you are a learner who enjoys reading and thinking around instructions. I am one of those people too.

The Scrivener Coach courses at LearnScrivenerFast offer the visual and audital learner another option – there are three levels of the course:

Basic: 32 Videos

  • Step by step videos
  • 31 fullscreen writing backgrounds.

Master: 70+ Videos

  • The above 32 basics videos plus writing backgrounds.
  • 15 videos – Scrivener for Bloggers
  • 25 videos – Ninja Tips
  • Writing cheat sheets
  • Apps, tools and plugins lists

Ninja: 100+ Videos

  • The above from Master level plus:
  • 18 videos – Work Smarter
  • 12 Videos – Easy Ebooks
  • Pro Workflow extras – using Scrivener with an Editor (custom built for Michael Hyatt), Outline plus ebook screenshots, Scrivener blogging with a virtual assistant.
  • 6 Writing templates.


I was interested in upping the level of my knowledge and utilisation of Scrivener with other tools, but skeptical that such a large course could accommodate Windows users of Scrivener, as the Windows app has less features than the Mac equivalent. I was also interested in the Scrivener templates, and workflows for blogging.

Once paid/signed up, you are immediately invited to register into the membership site. Once you have access, the dashboard at the front nicely shows your progress through the course content. Each video is brief, and the website is set out really nicely with any bonus content being available across menus. And you have access to your videos and other content forever, so can put yourself through some reminder sessions when needed.

Although I normally don’t get on with learning via videos, and certainly was sometimes non-plussed by seeing most of the screens within the Mac OS environment, I was pleasantly surprised by how much – and how fast – I could walk through the tutorial modules. The videos are all quite brief, and augmented by onscreen instructions and screenshots. And Joseph’s voice is amicable, with each voiceover well constructed, leading to the next video.


I was incredibly impressed with what I found – there are page after page of easily applied tutorials, and a large lot of bonus content in the bigger packages. All are easily indexed and followed through. Of course, as an Evernote fan, I was particularly impressed with the instructions available for transferring research material curated in Evernote over to the appropriate folders in Scrivener.

I was so impressed, I became an affiliate. Click on this link to go take a look and select a package of Scrivener courses to suit.

Also, if you don’t have Scrivener yet, remember that Literature and Latte offer you a full month’s free trial of the product. There are various discount codes available for Scrivener also, at different times of the year. Or simply buy here.

Link: Scrivener Coach – Learn Scrivener Fast (affiliate link)

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