#IWSG: Free Motivation in Ebooks and Manifestos

Being totally insecure as a writer right now, like many I appreciate some quick motivating reads. Several writers are coming out with free short-length PDF’s and manifestos lately.

Here are a few I’ve found motivating.

Free Manifestos to Download

Links will take you to the manifesto page. You may need to sign up to a newslist for the freebie download. These are all in PDF format.

In no particular order:-

  1. Tim Grahl, author of ‘Your First 1000 Copies’, offers a short manifesto 9 Writing Hacks from Top Authors. All you need to do is send out a tweet or facebook update telling friends about the ebook also.
  2. Kylie Dunn (dinkylune), who I found through her inspiring ‘Year of TED’ project to improve herself, also is taking part in the DIY Writing program to write our manifestos. This began last year with #ManiWriMo. Kylie has several free PDF manifestos available via her blog and newslist – Inspiration and Tools inspired by ManiWriMo (free on blogpost); After the Writing – a Free Ebook on Self-Publishing (free on blogpost); and just lately she’s brought out a manifesto based on a free one-page image Be Your Authentic Self (image post). The ‘dinkylune manifesto’ has been offered to subscribers to the newslist, for feedback before going live. It’s a good one, so sign up to hear news.
  3. David M Howitt is soon coming out with a new book ‘Heed your Call’ and on the book’s webpage you can signup for the newslist to receive a 10 page manifesto Heed Your Call based on the book.

Some Oldies but Goodies

  1. You have surely by now picked up a copy of Jeff Goin’s The Writer’s Manifesto which you can purchase from Amazon, or if you signup to his newslist, the manifesto is a freebie gift.
  2. Chris Guillebeau’s ‘Unconventional Guides’ are equally famous, starting with this free and wonderful 279 Days to Overnight Success. (Check out his latest bestseller book ‘The $100 Startup’ too).
  3. K.M. Weiland came out with one of my favourite word-image manifestos in 2012, the one-page Wordplayer’s Manifesto (download from blog). If you signup to her newslist you’ll receive ‘Crafting Unforgettable Characters: A Hands-On Introduction to Bringing Your Characters to Life.’
  4. Seth Godin has always been generous in offering some free ebooks. My favourites are ‘Unleash the IdeaVirus and ‘What Matters Now’ but find others in his freebies too.
  5. Leo Babitua (Zen Habits) offers a simple version (27 chapters) of his ebook focus from his blog. A premium edition offers more content and features. He also has free The Little Book of Contentment.
  6. Mark McGuinness (Lateral Action), author of ‘Resiliance’ and a writer at 99U, offers a free copy of 20 Creative Blocks (and how to break through them). Mark also wrote a very oldie which is still available – Time Management for Creative People (Direct PDF link).
  7. Brian Clark (via Authority Rules) wrote Authority Rules: The 10 Rock Solid Elements of Effective Online Marketing which is no longer publically available but can be downloaded as a PDF or read online at this google doc link.
  8. Smashwords Book Marketing Guide is available in many formats at Smashwords, or also on Kindle.
  9. Scott Nicholson’s compilation of author tips Write Good or Die is available at Smashwords in multi-formats or again, on Kindle.
  10. Lilly Sage still offers Kindle Publishing Unleashed via this Warrior Forum link. Once you take that link, you’ll go to her website – signup for the newslist to receive the 149 page ebook as a gift.

Note: Links to free ebooks come and go. And authors update their popular books, and perhaps publish them for sale. Please take these links with that understanding that some may well disappear or become not free. At this time (February 2014), I’ve checked all of them for you.

iwsgThis blog post participated in the second monthly post for the year for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. Go to the IWSG website to find many other writer’s sharing their posts, and for many regular tips and resources for writers.

This post was written in Markdown through Markdown Pad 2 for Windows. There will be a series of posts on Markdown for Writing scheduled for next week.

3 thoughts on “#IWSG: Free Motivation in Ebooks and Manifestos

  1. Thank you for including my material in this Hunter. I’m glad you enjoyed the manifesto, it should be going out to all new subscribers in the next two weeks – just need to dig a little deeper in the courage pit 🙂

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