A to Z, and B to B

Announcing: this blog will be participating again in April’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge, alongside 1000 other bloggers.

And perhaps even bigger news: I have also decided to blog a book here, plus provide additional free bonus resources for news list readers.

Details after the cut.

1. Blogging from A to Z Challenge, April

For the third year running, I will be participating in April’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge. This blog is signed up as number 858.

Coming up March 21st I will be revealing the theme I will be posting on for the month whilst participating in the A to Z Theme Reveal bloghop.

Bonus for Tech for Writers newslist readers : In May I will be curating all the A-Z posts into a PDF booklet and sending it out to my newslist readers. This means you don’t have to keep a daily eye on the blog posts as they are published.

2. Evernote for Writers – the Book to Blog to Newslist Project

Evernote for Writers CoverF300Evernote, as an app, upgrades with new functionality all the time. The basics remain the same, however, and new functionality often offers benefits to any writer using the apps. But as such, it becomes difficult to have a stable copy of my twice or more completed Evernote for Writers book project.

Which is why I’ve decided to publish the content from this book as a series of blog posts on Hunters Writings, following Nina Amir’s approach to Blogging a Book, although I may be doing it in reverse, and book to blogging(?). Regular weekly posts will offer timely advice for writers and other creatives who are considering how to add Evernote to their primary writing tools arsenal (which they should!).

You will find from now on, an approximately weekly series of posts on Evernote for Writers, containing tips, how-to’s, interviews, latest news and methods for using Evernote to enhance your writing and creative process.

An index will form using the menu option and search tag: E4W. This blog book will be very non-linear, but interlinked with the other posts in the series.

But wait, there’s more!

Bonus for Tech for Writers newslist readers: Newslist readers will be offered exclusive content not available through the blog, on a monthly basis, starting from May-June after the A-Z Challenge has wound up (see above for more bonuses from that one!). Additionally, a very special bonus PDF “100 Ways to Use Evernote for Writers” list report will become available to all new signees for the newslist – current signups will be getting this in March, if I get a move on.

3. Tech for Writers Newslist Announcement

In case it was missed in the news above, signing up and staying on the Tech 4 Writers newslist will now provide the following bonuses:

  1. Monthly news in your inbox containing updates from this blog on tech and app topics.
  2. New signees (and March readers) will get an exclusive special list report – “100 Ways to Use Evernote for Writers”.
  3. May readers will get another bonus PDF curating all 26 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge posts, including links etc.
  4. Other exclusive surprise bonuses on Evernote or other tech / apps as I feel the whim. There will be one Evernote tip each edition also.

If you haven’t already, signup for Tech 4 Writers now, ready for that March report.

4. The Blog Schedule

I want to get on with actual writing and revision and publishing for my goals this year. Having some sort of blogging schedule helps to iron that out – not only for me, but readers here on the blog also.


 Evernote for Writers posts on Tuesdays typically.


Fridays are when you will find the weekly #52Tech posts on this blog. You can find these with the tag search:#52Tech, available in the top menu. There is also a listly list being built as these posts are published.

Other Days:

Although I am busy behind the scenes writing, and most of the above is to do with technology and apps, I will continue to occasionally put up other themed posts on my writing life etc, as I feel like it.


Additionally, this blog participates in monthly challenges such as:

  • First Wednesday of the month: Insecure Writers Support Group
  • Second Wednesday of the month: IndieLife
  • All April: The A-Z Blogging Challenge

A new edition of the Tech 4 Writers newslist comes out roughly monthly also.

Blog Schedule

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