#IndieLife – Keeping Abreast of Business

Dirty confession time – I wasn’t going to write up an IndieLife post for this second Wednesday of the month. I’ve been feeling a little disheartened by all the to-ing and fro-ing (had to hyphenate those, as auto-spell swaps in towing and frying – which fits just as well).

To and fro – the whole Donald Mass vs the JA Konrath and the rest of the Indie World, the whole Mass vs Dean Wesley Smith where DWS suggested indie writers don’t need to revise…and all the following analysis. The whole Hugh Howey and the Author Earnings report and data analysis….Oh and lately we now have the weekend’s controversy where someone who should know better suggested that self-publishers shouldn’t be calling themselves authors…

People are entitled to their opinions and to state them, and debate them. But of the above, sometimes timing of all this is just too much for the writer looking into this. I don’t know…**shakes head** The two things about keeping abreast of the industry that I do know are –

  1. A lot of people have a lot of opinions, and platforms now to communicate those opinions from.
  2. And towing and frying is not even new – parts of the industry are still expressing contrary opinions over the whole literary fiction vs genre or commercial fiction. That’s been going on for decades. And lets forget (please!) the ebooks vs “real” books viewpoints that are still being expressed across the net everywhere. **Sigh**

Meh. **Pushes ostrichemu-head deeper into the silica** Me–>Just getting on with the job of writing.

Then things changed. I was reading my normal blog feeds and realised that keeping abreast can simply be catching up with some of the professional options and business side of things. Without being bogged down in drama.


So – here’s a website dedicated to such business – Publishing Perspectives. The free ezine has Edition 2 just out and available to download.

Issue 2 is themed on ebooks and deals with topics spreading across the world, relevant to not just Indies or Self-publishers. The PDF also covers international sales rights and translation.

IndieLifeThis post took place in the #IndieLife blog challenge, held at The Indelibles every second Wednesday of the month.

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