#happinessday 2pm It’s Her Birthday!

#happinessday 2pm It's Her Birthday!

Today, on International Happiness Day, it happens to be the birthday of not one, but two of our cats. This is Rocky, who turns 14 today. We celebrate feline birthdays with a can of tuna each, and today – a spoonful of double-cream. You can possibly hear the purs from there.

Rocky wouldn’t normally make many people happy – she’s the boss of this family, and can be pure evil. However, she’s a Burmese Cross, and a pure one-person cat.

That one person is me – which means I am the one forced to pat her all the time, have her in my face all the time, and burning up my laptop battery while I write because she sleeps too close to me.

Rocky also has a nemesis – the other cat celebrating a birthday today. It’s easy for cats to show us how to be truly happy with our lives, but we should note that for them happiness includes the need for an enemy that they can hate and fight with, to keep them on their toes. Nothing keeps a cat happier than winning over a sworn enemy from time to time, with the ability to also eat beside them, and even nap beside them when all the hissing is over with.

Click through the photo for more lolcats.

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