#happinessday 6pm Not eating this

#happinessday 6pm Not eating this

6pm – my final post for this brief interlude in happiness.

This photo was planned to be a lovely bubbling crockpot of casserole for our dinner. Nothing induces happiness more than the thought that I don’t have to cook or worry over dinner.

Prepared this morning, I forgot to put the crockpot on at the power button. So, we’ll be eating a little later than anticipated.

All is good, though. Because I found this whopping big stick insect (bigger than the length of my hand, more if I counted the feelers) making his way into my study just now.

And I didn’t even know Sydney possessed these things. When living in the UK my daughter’s first responsible pet was a cage of Indian stick insects. We grew them well, but they never got to this size.

Having decided not to eat our dinner early, the lucky stick insect was chaffeured outside using a real stick to guide him – I may not mind them, but I can’t really bring myself to pick them up.

Click the photo for more on Aussie stick insects.

#happiness is a new discovery

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