#52Tech | Week 12: Grammar like Hemingway

There are many grammar and proof-reading tools out there for the writer. Some are prohibitively expensive, some are free. The Hemingway app checks for readability based on the writing master, and falls under the free side.


The webapp works as a simple copy and paste job – paste into the write screen, press edit, and a set of algorithms will colour-code your text. The app pulls out adverbs as horrible things and gives a readability grading.

Blue = adverbs, red = too long or complex, yellow = common error, green = passive text.

Two writer brothers – Adam and Ben Long, created HemingwayApp. An ABC News article says they aimed to recreate Hemingway’s short declarative sentences. The article experimented with some of Hemingway’s text and found it less readable than we expect.

I put the above text in draft form into the webapp. (Since cleaned up a little). The results below –

(As expected, I failed in some parts).

Hemingway 2

Once I’d changed my copy and met 0 adverbs, hard sentences and all the rest, this text could still only manage a Grade 9 on readability, but the effort was interesting and helpful.

Hemingway creators are currently testing the need for a desktop version. If you find the app helpful, click on the Desktop Version button and answer the question.

Website: Hemingwayapp.com

Also listed in my Listly List for grammar and proof editing tools. Please add your own.

52tech yearThis was a post in the #52tech goal – to investigate and share one technology post once a week for 2014.

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