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This E post for the #26Tech A-Z Challenge also forms part of the ongoing project to Blog a Book – #Evernote for Writers.

Evernote-for-Writers-Square200.pngToday’s post will profile four ways to get web clippings into Evernote.

Evernote web clipping

Note: this is a long post designed as a tutorial, and for browsing.

Webclippings and Evernote

One of the strongest selling points for Evernote (admittedly, EN is free) is the powerful web clipping functions available: clip entire webpages, sections, images, or clear up the page from extraneous elements before saving to EN.

The usefulness of clipping into Evernote doesn’t stop at research – for example, I clip to create inspiration/ideas libraries, mood boards, character profiles and to create shared wishlists of products and books.

Let’s take a look at some of the many options for getting clipping from websites into Evernote.

1. The Evernote Web Clipper

EN Webclipper IconThe Evernote Web Clipper is a browser plugin or extension, available free from the following URL:


If you’ve not installed this yet, browse to the webclipper page with your favourite browser – Safari, Firefox and Chrome are the best supported.

The latest EN web clippers contain Skitch and Evernote Clearly functions –  mark up and annotate the webpages on-the-go, clean up the article before clipping and share the clippings directly.

EN Webclipper Screenshot1
Chrome Browser screenshot, not the clipping – I took this using the Windows+prt sc keyboard shortcut  for Windows users. You can see the EN Clearly functions and Skitch annotations being created as I prepare my clipping.
EN Webclipper Screenshot2
Actual web clipping once into Evernote.


EN Webclipper Screenshot3
Web Clipper in Firefox Browser.

As you can see from the screen-clip above, the Firefox Evernote Web Clipper has limited functionality compared to the Chrome Web Clipper. But you can get this Skitch annotation ability if you use the Clearly plugin for Firefox (more below).

Another difference between Firefox and Chrome is in Gmail clipping – of course, Chrome is part of the Google stable of products, and this allows you to clip right out of a Google Mail page – you may need to enter your Google pass-phrase to authenticate the first use.

Plugin and Clipping Settings

The Evernote Web Clipper settings will allow you to select how and where clippings are taken – I open mine directly into the desktop version of Evernote (because I have it open all the time), but you may like to save to the web server and have it later sync to an app.

Additionally, the Web Clipper operating through browsers have some powerful selection features that don’t exist on mobile versions (see below for clipping on mobile). For instance – if the full article isn’t originally selected, you have arrow keys to move the selection box.

EN Webclipper Screenshot4
Here’s the initial auto-selection of my blog post in Firefox. Actually, it’s quite good – but if I really wanted that Featured image at the top, I could use the up arrow to expand the selection, like this…

EN Webclipper Screenshot5

Related Notes

The Evernote Web Clipper browser plugin has an option to turn on related notes. This means that if you search through Google, Bing or other supported web search engines, the results page not only shows results from the Internet, but possibly related notes that are already in Evernote. This gives you further key search words, and the benefit of finding redundancies.

You will need to authorise Evernote and Google integration for this to work:

  1. After you have downloaded and installed the Evernote Web Clipper plugin/extension for your browser, then go to the clipper’s options
    • For Firefox you access this via ‘Tools–>Add ons’  then click on the ‘Options’ button;
    • For Chrome, right-click on the Evernote icon in the browser toolbar and choose ‘Options’.
  2. Check on the ‘Related Results’ option.

Now, when you search in Google you will see related Evernote notes in a results panel to the right of the search results. (Related notes also appear in the Evernote client app too).

En Websearch Related Notes
A websearch for “evernote web clipper” finds the normal suspects on the web, and the Evernote Related Notes panel on the right.

Wait, there’s more: This post won’t go into details on how to setup the webclipping bookmarklet within mobile device browsers like Safari iOS, but it is possible to use the Evernote Web Clipper through mobile devices also.

2. Evernote Clearly

You may have noticed mention of Evernote Clearly within the Web Clipping screenshots.

evernote-clearly iconEvernote Clearly is a Web Reading Helper tool which has also now been incorporated into the EN Web Clipping extensions. Designed as a browser extension (Firefox and Chrome are supported), Clearly is a plugin you can pick up free from either the extension stores for your browser or the Evernote website.


Once installed you will find a little lampshade tool button on your browser bookmarks area. When you find an interesting webpage or article, click on the lampshade to move into Clearly.

Browser Best ToolsBrowser best tools – Evernote (Web Clipper), Pocket and Clearly buttons.

Clearly is designed to take away all the distracting advertisements, popups, notifications and peripheral sidebars found on most web articles. It’s awesome for getting to the article on slow-loading pages.

And – Chrome Clearly users have access to a Text to Speech feature.

EN Clearly before shot
Before Clearly Use – a typical page within Firefox.
EN Clearly after shot
After Clearly Use – the same page in clearly. Note that the EN Web Clipper extension is there to the right also (meaning you can save the article into Evernote for later reading), as are the “Related Notes” to the search topic.

Note: similar clear principles can now be found in several other tools such as Feedly or Pocket.

3. The Dolphin Browser (Mobile App)

Dolphin Browser App iconThe Dolphin Browser for iPAD and Android *Free*


The Evernote Web Clipper bookmarklet in iOS Safari has its faults: Quite often, the whole article isn’t found,  or only a small section will be auto-selected. The clippings can be quite messy from some webpages.

The Dolphin Browser App is a recommended browser for ease of use on iPADs or iPhones and also has a good Android app. Dolphin has the Evernote Web Clipper built in as a one-click menu option, and can clip to Twitter, Facebook or Box as well.


Dolphin 1
1. The article I want to clip in the iPad’s Safari Browser. (This is an old blog post of mine).
Dolphin 2
2. Using the bookmarket web clipper in iOS Safari.
Dolphin 3
3. This is what the new note looks like when it arrives after clipping to Evernote. Note that all the post comments and sidebar content have been populated at the bottom of this note, making it very long.
Dolphin 4
4. This is the same web page in the Dolphin Browser. It doesn’t look that much different than in Safari.
Dolphin 5
5. Using the inbuilt Evernote clipper in Dolphin. In my own blog post, Dolphin recognised the full article, and put a yellow box around it, ready to clip.
Dolphin 6
The clipping from Dolphin, now arrived in Evernote. The clipping has no extra content such as comments or sidebar and headers. Much cleaner.

I recommend having both a Safari EN Clipper bookmarklet and the Dolphin Browser App – there are still issues in some webclips that one or the other will normally resolve. Or for best use on iOS, take a look at EverClip (below).

4. EverClip (iOS app)

everclipEverClip by Ignition Soft is an award-winning app for iOS. EverClip is not a browser, but works very well with any browser you may be using (including the above).

It is available for the iPhone and iPad, for $6 for the later.


Note: there is an app for Android called EverClip, but this is a different app, and I have not tried it.

  1. Simply open EverClip as a background session on a short timer.
  2. Then go to your other apps – browsers, other writing text editors, social media apps, whatever…
  3. Find and select the content you want to send to Evernote, and tap “copy”.
  4. The clipboard content will open a note up in the EverClip app. From there, it will save into the app, or you can choose to send it onto Evernote, where it will appear in your default notebook.

EverClip settings allow: changing the default notebook, always having images uploaded; and delete clip after upload.

Everclip 1
A recipe I’ve selected in the Safari browser on iPAD. Tap: Copy
Everclip 2
The clip in Everclip (alongside a clip of a book I want) – ready to go to Evernote.
Everclip 3
The two clips make an appearance in my Evernote inbox (default notebook). I can now drag or move them to my wishlist or recipes folder.

Note: EverClip works for all content which can be “copy”-ed from an iOS app, not just web-clippings. This means it is incredibly helpful for clipping quotes and extracts out of digital books, emails, messages, and text editors you may be using.

EverClip has become my go-to app for clipping anything from my iPAD into Evernote, well worth the purchase price.

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