#E4W Journaling with Evernote

This is a supplementary post to today’s #26Tech A-Z Journaling Apps post. This post falls under the #Evernote4Writers book to blog series.

Read on for how to create and maintain a writing journal or diary within Evernote, using old-school methods or some integrated apps.

Journaling with Evernote – Simple Options

With so many great standalone journaling apps out there, some might ask why anybody would want to approach journaling with the big elephant of note databases, Evernote.

Evernote usage for journaling is a matter of flexibility versus tailored capability. I’m all for combining if possible. Here are some very simple options –

1. Keep a Journal Notebook inside Evernote.

Evernote Journal stack

Simply keep a “Journal” notebook inside Evernote (perhaps with a template set out with the forms or details you want to capture). Either keep daily journal notes, or append to a weekly or monthly note. (This can be automated via apps like Drafts and actions also. See below).

If you use one of the Evernote template service options such as Kustomnote, you will find many shared templates for diary type entries. Kustomnote provides a webapp and mobile apps for both creating templates and sending through notes using those templates to Evernote.

Or create your own template. I simply copy and paste a copy of most templates I use.

Windows Users can use the keyboard trick to insert date and time onto an EN note – In the note editor, Alt+Shift+D or Ctrl+;

2. Backup and Store your Paper-Based (Old School?) Journals, Notebooks and Diaries.

journalsThere are plenty of people – me included, who still maintain real journal books. I like to doodle and scrawl out all kinds of notes, and like many writers and artists, have an [unhealthy] obsession with moleskines. But rather than dedicating a library room to keeping all those old notebooks and journals, Evernote can digitise and preserve them forever.

This is an excuse to go through and reread your paper journals, to find the entries you really want to preserve. It’s also a call to ditch (burn?, destroy the evidence?) some of those old notebooks too.

  • Scan in via a scanner or use Evernote’s mobile image functions (document, or even the square post-its note, or the moleskine journal photo entry modes). Save as a new note with image.
  • Evernote uses optical recognition across images. Once OCR has run, Evernote search will (dependent on the legibility of your handwriting) find important search terms and therefore the note you’re after. Help Evernote along a bit, by inputting a few additional tags or keywords and dates in the note.

Journaling with Evernote – Using Integrated Apps

There are more and more applications designed with Evernote integration, including some dedicated journaling apps which use Evernote for storage, syncing or backup. Consult the Evernote App Center to find even more.

Some of these apps are so functionally quick, that it actually beats opening up the Evernote app itself (which can be still a little clunky and slow for some) to create a new diary note. They actually make maintaining a regular journal fun and fast – and mobile.

Following is my list of the best apps for journaling through to Evernote.

Drafts for iPAD (and iPhone)

Drafts to Evernote appendDrafts by Agile Tortoise, provides a very simple launch-and-start-typing app for iOS. Where it comes in very handy for journaling into Evernote is with the inbuilt Evernote actions. Basically you can type out a quick entry into a Drafts note, then hit the action button you’ve setup and send the entry to a specific notebook and note already in Evernote and append the entry – with date and time – onto that note.

I profiled Drafts fully in the D post for this series. Here’s the link.

Drafts_iconIn my post: My ** Markdown** Workflows for Scrivener, Blogging and Evernote I wrote about Drafts and these actions, and how I use actions to prepend story ideas for writing projects into an Evernote note.

For a how-to on this, Jamie Todd Rubin recently posted about using the Drafts app and Evernote with how-to screenshots on setting up the actions.

Website: Drafts

 everyday me iconEveryDay Timeline

Discussed on the #26Tech Journaling Apps post, EveryDay Timeline is not only a wonderful standalone journaling app for Android and iOS, but it can send journal entries to Evernote.

 Wonderful Days (iPhone)

Wonderful DaysWonderful-Days-iconWonderful Days by HandyPadSoft is a feature rich journaling app for the iPhone, supporting images, text, weather and mood icons, with Evernote backup and sync for your journal.

For personalisation, the app provides 12 fonts, 12 themes and 8 image frames. Export of data is the typical airprint but also a PDF export.

Website: HandyPadSoft Wonderful Days

 Journal for Evernote (iOS)

vJournalvJournal for Evernote by Voyager Apps is a very simple notetaker designed to create and sync entries through to Evernote in a Journal notebook created by the app. You will find a “My Journal” notebook stack within Evernote, with sub-notebooks with year titles.

It’s a simple open and start typing app, with is a free lite version to try out.

vJournal iconThe only issue with Journal for Evernote is that you can only create a diary entry for today – if you’ve missed a past date you can not input historical – or future – notes.

Appstore: vJournal or Journal for Evernote (iTunes)

PostEver 2 (iOS, Android)

PostEverPostEver is a popular Evernote note-taking app for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. The notes are combined into one Evernote notebook (which you can specify) and can even be appended onto the same note over the day.

PostEver iconThe notes are automated with date and timestamp, making the app obviously useful as a diary app.

For the iOS apps, there is a fully functioning 14 day lite trial version.

Website: PostEver

EverLog (iPhone)

EverlogEverLog supports multiple media notes including notes, drawings, location maps and audio inputs.

It has an interesting feature of allowing you to create templates with various arrangements of note inputs and Evernote notebooks these notes should be synced into.

Everlog iconThere is a free trial version available.

Appstore: EverLog (iTunes)

Awesome Note (iOS, Galaxy Note)

awesome noteAwesome Note is a popular all-in-one organiser app, containing not only diary features but a calendar, scheduler, to do list and note-taker, drawing functions and themes. You can keep multiple types of notes organised through folders in-app.

awesome note iconThe app also syncs with Google or Evernote and backs up via iTunes file sharing.

Website: Awesome Note.

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#26Tech: This post was a supplement to today’s #26Tech post entitled Journaling Apps. You will find the other posts under tag: #26Tech or an index post will be provided on May 1st.

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