A-Z #52Tech| Project Inspiration Gathering Tools

Project Mood Board Apps

Once I’ve got all those images and ideas gathered together as content the real fun part begins – gathering and arranging them onto a project board.

Naturally we need digital tools which work well with images, but having functions for linking between those images, for labeling, highlighting and mapping, and importantly, adding text – that is required also.

Mindmapping apps (which deal with images well) can accommodate these needs, and you will find quite a few good ones listed in the M post for this series. But my pick for a true visual experience in project boards goes to the following apps:-

Scapple (Windows and Mac OS) with Scrivener integration.

Scapple is now my favourite free-form brainstorming, structural project and mindmapping desktop app. By Literature and Latte, this inexpensive desktop app also is integrated with popular writing app, Scrivener.

I profiled Scapple again in the previous post, and in more detail in this #52Tech post of March here.  My example project board contains connected images, labels, coloured text, and can contain links to further resources. The board notes can be dropped into Scrivener, or an image or PDF of the full board put into Scrivener also.

A 30 day trial of Scapple and Scrivener is available also.

Website: Literature and Latte: Scapple.

Pic Collage (iOS and Android)

piccollagePic Collage is popular app in the educational and teenage marketplace. It’s a fun app that lets you pile up collages, frame or cutout images and add stickers and text onto the board also.

Pic Collage has a huge community of users who share their collages via social media or email, or save to their Pic Collage gallery – where they can be followed.

pic-collage iconThe apps are free, but in-app purchases allow you to download the latest seasonal packs of stickers or frames.

Website: Pic-Collage.com

Corkulous Pro (iPad)

One of my all time favourite iPAD apps, Corkulous Pro provides multi-level corkboards featuring images, labels, sticky tape labels and checklists. Embed corkboards into top level boards, save and email boards as images or PDFs. The Pro version allows public shares.

In June 2012 I featured Corkulous Pro screenshots in a post about my full writing project processes. The screenshot here is from that post.

There is a free trial version with only one board and the ability to read other shared boards.

Appstore: Corkulous Pro (iTunes)

Moodboard App (iOS)

9-Moodboard-ProCreated for designers, Moodboard creates a board with imported images and in-app colour swatches. Add text; crop and rotate or frame images; clip images through a built-in web-browser and retain the image URL.

Boards can be arranged into collections, and shared via typical social media shares, or saved to the photo album.

moodboard iconThere is a free lite version to trial.

Appstore: Moodboard App (iTunes)


  • For desktop moodboard designs consider using MS Powerpoint, if you have it. I actually use powerpoint for a lot of designs and PDF report creations, as it contains some good image tools.
  • A few Vision Board type apps stand out with nice graphics functions – Vision Kit contains some templated layouts, and Bloom is a free inspirational app from the MindBloom stable. Vision Kit |Bloom.
  • Mural.ly is a webapp which allows you to assemble a board or mural of elements, and collaborate over them. See more on Mural.ly in the Y post of this series. The free version allows for 2 murals and 1 room. Mural.ly.
  • Viz (Vizualize) –This is a great board presentation app. The app lets you choose a background, add labels, arrows, and also create sticker art by cutting out around your image collection. Appstore Link.
  • Many Mindmapping, Index Card and Outlining apps provide boards where you can design layouts for projects.

26Tech-Logo_thumb.png#26Tech: This was the P post for my A to Z challenge, where this blog will be posting 26 days worth of Tech posts relevant to writers and creatives.

You will find the other posts under tag: #26Tech or an index post will be provided on May 1st.

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