A-Z | Submission and Sales Tracking Apps

The S post for #26Tech A-Z Challenge discusses submission or sales tracking apps – predominantly for writing queries or submissions, but also applicable to creative needs.

Submission Tracking

Submission and Sales Trackers

Keeping track of work sent out, queries or submissions can be accomplished simply with a spreadsheet. With sales tracking, often authors must log on to individual websites (like Amazon’s Author Central) to gather and analyse statistical data on their books.

But there are also a number of websites, services and a couple of applications designed as submission or sales tracker databases. These may offer you more features such as alerts and reminders, or combined data from multiple book stores.

Evernote Reminders for Submissions

EvernoteFor those who want to make use of  Evernote for this, I’ve mocked up some submissions and taken some screenshots of a workflow which will be posted in a supplementary post of today.

Writing Business Tracking Apps

Trackerbox (Windows)

trackerboxTrackerbox promises to help with spreadsheeting book sales data via Amazon KDP, Apple iBookStore, Nook and Kobo, Smashwords and many more. The program imports sales returns for multiple author pen names or book variations.

Trackerbox has a 45 day trial download, then purchase for $60.

Website: Story Box Software

Vook Author Control (Webapp)

vook-dashboard-metrics-520x372Vook’s free Author Control webapp delivers ebook tracking data for several retail online stores, similar to Trackerbox.

Signup and track up to 10 ebooks through sales for free. If you want to track more, email Vook for pricing. Authors who choose the ebook distribution services of Vook get this all for free.

Website: Vook

Other Book Sales Tracker Services

I have not tried any of these, but other authors have listed them. Some of the services simply take the Amazon “sales rank”and monitor it over time, putting the data into a graph.

  • EBookTracker – free web tool from Kindle Nation, tracks Amazon Kindle ebook sales data.
  • NovelRank – free web tool for tracking both paper and ebook sales through all Amazon sites.
  • Books & Writers – a subscription service for monitoring and ranking books through Amazon and B&N.

Writing Submission Tracking Apps

The Writer’s Scribe (Windows, Mac OS, iOS)

the Writers ScribeDesktop submission tracking software primarily.

The Writer’s Scribe has calendar views, storage of binary files, and a pre-populated database of over 1000 publishers. Colour coding, alerts and custom labels let you change terminology for your industry ie. stories for songs. Email submissions of queries can be composed in the program, and files exported as spreadsheets.

This app can be setup on iPhone or iPad, but requires installation of one-off file transfer apps, with the result being that there is no syncing between desktop and mobile versions – you must choose the platform and stick with it. See instructions in the Support FAQ page.

The Writer’s Scribe has a free 20 day trial. After that it costs $39.

Website: The Writer’s Scribe

Sonar 3 (Windows, Linux) – free

Sonar3MainSonar 3 is a free little program by Spacejock, who also made the impressive yWriter5 writing app.

It’s a simple database app where you can store markets, your writing works, and details on submission.

Website: Spacejock Software

Inkbyte Tracker (Windows, Mac) – very old free software

inkbyte submissionsInkbyte’s Tracker software for Windows or Mac is still available as a free exe download. Markets, Works (called submissions), a status and comments/notes area against the submissions.

Website: Inkbyte software.

Story Tracker and Artwork Tracker (iOS and Mac OS – Windows PC coming)

Story TrackerAndrew Nicolle has several apps out that including ones for tracking orchid or cactus collections. Artwork Tracker lets you track artwork submissions. Story Tracker is created for writers.

story tracker iconStory Tracker includes market list screens (which are also exportable and shareable with other Story Tracker users), story and submission screens, transfer via wifi, an embedded browser to allow you to check submission requirements from market websites, and the ability to launch email or phonecalls directly from the market details screen.

artwork trackerArtwork Tracker is for working artists, collectors or art dealers, and includes an image function against the artwork.

Both are also available as Mac OS Apps, and Story Tracker is coming to the PC soon (I hope). Before purchasing the apps from the appstore, there are free lite versions available. The Story Tracker iOS app sells for $8.50

Website: Story Tracker

Webapps and Services for Submission Tracking

  • Duotrope-paid-subscription3Duotropewell-known for its submission tracking online database and index of market listings, available to subscribed members. The site also works as a community, allowing you to brag about your submission successes. Duotrope also provides regular newslists announcing the member successes. 7-day free trial, after that a subscription costs $5 per month.
  • critique circleCritique Circle Tools – The Critique Circle is a free membership site offering forums for finding critique partners. There are also a lot of handy tools for members to use, including a Submission Tracker.
  • Writer’s Database – The Writer’s Database was specifically setup for listing and sharing markets, and tracking manuscripts. You will need to signup for a free account to access these tools, which include some widgets of your submissions to add to desktop or homepages etc. However, the site seems to be defunct. You can register a new user account, but a search of shared markets shows listings input in 2007. The site may be helpful if you just want to add your own submission records.

In the supplementary post, I will show how a manual submissions tracker can be setup in Evernote.

26Tech-Logo_thumb.png#26Tech: This was the S post for my A to Z challenge, where this blog will be posting 26 days worth of Tech posts relevant to writers and creatives.

You will find the other posts under tag: #26Tech or an index post will be provided on May 1st.

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Evernote for Writers Square200#Evernote4Writers: This post has a supplementary post on using Evernote to maintain a submissions tracking noteset.

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