#26Tech A-Z | TaDa! Presentation Apps

The T post for #26Tech A-Z Challenge profiles some good apps for presenting our content.

Useful for creative resumes, workshops, speeches and the many other forms of content presentation any creative can include in their platform.


Note: this is a long post designed for browsing. Scroll and select something which intrigues you.

Split into 2 pages, Page 1 (this page) details slideshow and presentation apps; Page 2 discusses some image or graphic apps for putting some pizzaz into your images.

Presenting Our Work

Some of these apps may have been listed in other posts from this series, including the P post for Project Inspiration Gathering, and possibly the C post on Collaboration and Sharing Apps.

But what I’m really looking at here are tools to give our creative content some “bang for our buck” – not only assembly, but the ability to present our work to a public.

Tip: Think around the box of static visuals – how about comic strips, animated book trailers, or visual linked portfolios or resumes? What about interactive or multi-media stories?

Beyond Powerpoint – Presentations that Go Wow

Let me start by saying I have nothing against MS Powerpoint. In fact, I use it on a regular basis to design graphics. But let’s look at some slideshow alternatives.


SlideshareSlideshare  is the go-to app for sharing slideshows over the web and embeddablethrough websites (including WordPress.com sites).

Although based on Powerpoint uploads, Slideshare offers much more than that – including a huge and innovative community of slide-sharers. Take a look at the homepage to find the trending and often inspirational Slideshows created by other users. Once you find a slide you like, the site will recommend others related to the topic.

An example slideshared:

SlideshareThe basic free service is ample, although companies after branding, analytics and uploads of video make use of the Pro and Gold versions.

Website: Slideshare.net


prezi_editPrezi is the zoom-in presentation board app. Incorporating images and videos to tell your story, a Prezi show is also embeddable onto websites. It also offers coworker collaboration.

Being cloud-based, you can work on a Prezi from anywhere – desktop, or mobile – with Windows, Mac OS and iOS Apps. Help is at hand to get started with (some very awesome) templates, and a content library to reuse. Prezis are run through as slideshows – manually or on auto.

The public free license allows for public-only presentations and 100MB storage space – enough for a few prezis. Other subscription options offer private presentations, more storage, usage of your own logo for branding, and the Pro version offers offline access to your prezis via the Windows or Mac desktop apps. However – the iPAD app also offers offline synchronisation access and presentation on-the-go, and is free (the webapp offers more functionality).

The only negative point I can suggest is that although free users create public prezis, these aren’t searchable for non-users from the website and there is no front-page gallery – you don’t know they exist. For visibility, embed the prezi on your website and share from there.

Once you’re signed on (you can use your Linkedin or Facebook accounts for this), you are offered a 30 day trial of the desktop versions – which you must download, as an email sent out also demands it for registration completion. Your account can be upgraded if you refer 3 friends to the site also.

prezi iconHere’s a link to one prezi on teaching student writing which includes some embedded videos.

Image Credit – edit screen of a prezi, via PCWorld.com review of 2013.

Website: Prezi

Popplet (webapp and iPAD)

poppletEnjoyed through the education sector, Popplet could be considered an interesting presentation app if your content has a lot of images or links. A popplet board is basically a big mindmap of linked storyboard elements called popples.

Popplet supports text, video and image inserts plus URL links and hand-drawing into a popple. Images can be added from Facebook or Flickr, videos from YouTube, maps from GoogleMaps.

There is limited ability to edit the popplet boards – graphics and drawings can’t be edited or rearranged. There is no spell-check on the text entry.

There are two different presentation modes available within popplet. Mode 2 lets you select out specific popples on a board and group together to order through a slideshow presentation.

Popplets can be shared socially via links and emails, and embedded as objects into website pages. Users scroll through and around a popplet board which is zoomed into in a similar way as Prezi. In presentation modes, there are arrow slideshow controls.

popplet iconThe webapp is free, there is a Popplet Lite (one Popplet limit) app for iOS, or the full app costs $5.

Website: Popplet

Flowboard (iPAD with cloud support)

FlowboardFlowboard is a presentation app with cloud and web features, but primarily driven towards iPAD usage. As the tag suggests: “Flowboard is Touch Publishing

Flowboard presentations on the iPAD use text, videos and images. The creation environment offers presentation templates, embedded or streaming video content, font selection, embedded PDF documents, and snap guides. The Flowboard app can draw content from your cloud storage – so any images or videos you’ve stored through Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube, Box, Instagram etc.

The publishing environment lets you publish to the cloud, giving you an URL link you can share socially or via email. Each board can be embedded on websites, or slideshowed through your iPAD with offline access.

flowboard iconThere is a free version of the app to trail. The premium app is a monthly subscription of $5 with larger storage and upload limits and the ability to upload PDF documents.

Example FlowBoard Link: Classic Hikes of North America.

Website: Flowboard

Haiku Deck (Web and iPAD or iPhone App)

haiku deckHaiku Deck creation is supported via a webapp or free iPAD App.

It’s a simple environment meant to streamline the creation of slideshows. Simply tap in some keywords, and Haiku Deck searches through over 35 million creative commons images kept at Getty Images. You can pay for premium images or upload your own also.

Decks are shared via the website and made social with link ability, and social sharing buttons.

Haiku deck iconExample Haiku Deck: 5 Secrets of Public Speaking

Website: Haiku Deck

Other Slideshow Apps

  • Obviously Apple’s Keynote app must be mentioned here, especially as it now comes pre-installed on the newer mobile devices. It’s a beautiful slideshow app, with many features.
  • Slideshark is an IOS app which allows you to present Powerpoint slideshows –via an iPAD display with the iPhone as a remote control. There are free versions (with online storage limitations) and Pro or team versions.

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