#26Tech A-Z | TaDa! Presentation Apps

Pizzazzing Up the Graphics

The following apps and services are useful for putting some more X-Factor into larger graphic elements which you may include in presentations. There are a lot of these available as webapps or on mobile devices, some already been mentioned in this post series.

Skitch (Evernote – Mac and Windows Desktop,  iOS, Android)

SkitchSkitch is the method behind all those sticker bordered arrows and annotations you see decorating a lot of images online, especially liked through PDF tutorials and coursework.

Skitch, like it’s parent Evernote, is free and downloadable as a separate app on mobile devices and for Windows or Mac desktop.

But Skitch functions are also integrated through a lot of Evernote internal apps. The browser Evernote Web Clippers and Evernote Clearly now come with Skitch annotation features in-house. A recent upgrade to Evernote’s Windows client also provides Skitch annotation functions to any images saved into Evernote notes (hence this screenshot).

skitch iconPremium users of Evernote also can use Skitch to annotate PDFs too, but the main usage is probably seen in screenshot and image presentations.

Website: Evernote Skitch

ThingLink (webapp and iOS)

ThingLink is a free web service which lets you upload an image and create themed hotlinks on top of the image. You can link to websites, images or videos. ThingLink images can be shared online, or socially, and also embedded into websites.

The iOS app is useful for sharing creations on your mobile device.

ThingLink was profiled last month in a #52Tech post, with an example enhanced visual resume.

Website: ThingLink

Smore (webapp)

smoreSmore creates and shares  beautiful flyers online. It works like many of the online infographic creators – drag and drop from the online tools and use templates to start the design off. What makes it great is the capability of adding a lot of text including URL links as resources. Templates range from posters to business flyers. Smores can be shared socially or via email integration.

smore iconSmore is available on a free 30 day trial with some limitations. There are subscription packages starting at $19 per month, or an annual plan for educators (which includes parents and librarians, but not anyone selling anything).

An example of a Smore shared on groovy graphic apps. – this Smore by an educator also lists and links to many other great graphics webapps such as PicCollage, and Comic Life, a fantastic comic strip making app.

Website: Smore

Other iPAD Presentation Apps

The following apps are big in schools for creating presentation projects with narration. They offer value to the business person needing to explain and share information or narrate documentation also, great for quick explanation videos or speeches. And fun, too!

Screenchomp (iOS App)

screenchompScreenChomp is a free app for creating and sharing short tutorials or lessons from your iPad.

Once done, those screenchomp videos are uploaded to a website, and given a share link. You can also then download the video as an MPEG-4 file.

ScreenChomp gives you a whiteboard background – but you can also upload a static image for the background. Draw on screen – perhaps an arrow or other annotations or doodles, while narrating the content explanation. The app records your voice and the movements onscreen as a video.

screenchomp iconMade by Techsmith, the makers of screen capture programs Camtasia, Jing and Snagit. ScreenChomp is a free app for the iPAD.

Appstore: Screenchomp

Others Like ScreenChomp:

This post would be far too long if it profiled all the other good presentation apps, so briefly here are a few which I keep on my iPAD, for myself, or for my daughter’s presentation efforts for school.

  • viz appViz (Vizualize) –This is a great board presentation app. The app lets you choose a background, add labels, arrows, and also create sticker art by cutting out around your image collection. Appstore Link.
  • explain_everythingExplain Everything – (Also on Android) – a whiteboard and screencasting app similar to ScreenChomp. Annotate, draw and narrate over just about any type of document, and create slides / videos. Priced at $3, this one is fantastic. Appstore Link.
  • DoodlecastProApp-150x150Doodlecast Pro – animated whiteboard videos which can be uploaded to YouTube for sharing or embedding.  Use PDFs or images, narrate or add music. I used DoodleCast Pro for a book review. Appstore Link.
  • storehouseStorehouse – a beautiful journalistic storytelling environment for adults. A community of Storehouse users have created some truly inspiring stories shared with others – combining images, videos and text. Appstore Link.
  • Animate It, Toontastic, Animation Desk and Do Ink– four award winning apps which let you create animated videos from sticker elements, images, or claymation. Most allow narration and share to a social community. NOT JUST FOR KIDS, but these sure are fun.
  • Strip Design, Comic Life, Pic Collage and others – various comic strip or framing collage apps that allow you to add and design using your photo album images, and add additional elements.

animate it icon toontastic app1 Animation Desk icon do ink icon strip design Comic_Life_Icon pic collage icon

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You will find the other posts under tag: #26Tech or an index post will be provided on May 1st.

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