#26Tech | A-Z POST INDEX: Apps for Writers and Creatives

Here is the index to the full 26 post series of A-Z technology – tools and apps for writers and other creatives. You can also find these posts under the #26Tech tag.

An additional index post today will publish a full A-Z Listing of all the apps mentioned throughout the series.


#26Tech was a series of A-Z themed technology posts published in April 2014, through the 2014 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. On this website you will find these posts by searching for the tag: #26Tech.


If these posts also fell on at the end of the post week, they also were included as a #52Tech post – this is a weekly series of posts on technology begun January 2014.

Some posts have supplementary posts on the same topic, showing how I use Evernote. These posts fall into the series of #E4W or #Evernote4Writers book to blog semi-weekly posts.

Some of the longer posts profiling more than one app also have an associated Listly list. Feel free to browse that list, vote on your favourites or add your own apps to the list.

#26Tech Index

App Deck Revealed

Date and Key
Post Title
21st March


A-Z Big Theme Reveal

The #26Tech theme reveal.
1st April


Aeon Timeline

A timeline tool for both Mac OS and Windows PC desktops, with the added bonus of being compatible with Scrivener (for Mac Users only).
2nd April



A blogging app for the iPAD, with inbuilt multiple blogging platform, image and video capabilities; and markdown support.
3rd April


Collaboration and Sharing Apps

Previews several apps which provide some good collaboration and file sharing capabilities for your creative work.
4th April52tech year


Drafts for iPAD

A writing app for the iPAD which includes Markdown support, and copious export abilities and social media integration.
5th AprilEvernote-for-Writers-Square200_thumb.png


Evernote Web Clippings

This #Evernote4Writers post profiles four different tools for clipping web content into Evernote.
7th April


Favourite [Writing App]

The F post profiles Scrivener, as an overall writing app for Windows and Mac OS desktop.

There is a supplementary post for the day listing five Scrivener Alternatives.

8th Aprillistly-square-logo_thumb.png


Grammar and Proof Editing Apps

Previews some of the helpful grammar or proof-editing tools available to a writer.Associated Listly List.
9th Aprillistly-square-logo_thumb.png


Habit Tracking Apps

A few useful productivity apps in the habit tracking category.Associated Listly List.
10th Aprillistly-square-logo_thumb.png


Index Card Apps

Previews some of my favourite organisation, ideas gathering, structuring or storyboarding apps – Index Card Apps.Associated Listly List.
11th April52tech yearEvernote-for-Writers-Square200_thumb.png


Journaling Apps

A few valuable desktop and mobile apps for maintaining a journal or diary.Supplemented by Journaling with Evernote post on the same day.
12th April


Kanban Apps

Profiles of a few Kanban Apps for swim-laning tasks, valuable for any creatives looking to oomph up their productivity, or juggling multiple tasks or to-do’s.
14th Aprillistly-square-logo_thumb.png


Latte or Espresso?

Cafe type ambient sounds for switching on if you like background noises while you work.Associated Listly List.
15th Aprillistly-square-logo_thumb.png


Mindmapping Apps

Three fantastic Mindmapping mobile apps for brainstorming and outlining writing or creative projects.Associated Listly List.
16th AprilEvernote-for-Writers-Square200_thumb.png


Note-taking Apps

Several apps profiled that may work as alternatives or supplementary note apps to Evernote .
17th April


Outlining Apps

Some excellent apps for outlining or structuring writing or other creative projects.
18th April52tech year


Project Inspiration Gathering

Excellent apps for Project Inspiration gathering into moodboards, visual boards or project boards. And a list of apps and webapps for content curation and sharing.There is some overlap with several other posts – Kanban Apps, Mindmapping Apps, TaDa!.
19th AprilEvernote-for-Writers-Square200.png


Quotes Collections

All about collecting inspirational quotes through the Quotebook App.Supplemented by Using Evernote for a Quotes, Excerpt or Citations Collection post on the same day.
21st AprilEvernote-for-Writers-Square200_thumb.png


Reading Offline

Profiles the many apps and tools I use to make use of any time space in my day, and catch up with my (digital) reading.
22nd AprilEvernote-for-Writers-Square200_thumb.png


Submission and Sales Tracking Apps

Apps for tracking submissions or sales of writing work/books.Supplemented by Using Evernote to Keep Track of Writing or Creative Submissions post on the same day.
23rd April


TaDa! Presentation Apps

Apps for presenting our content. Useful for creative resumes, workshops, speeches and the many other forms of content presentation any creative may include in their platform.
24th Aprillistly-square-logo_thumb.png


Unblocked with the Unstuck App

A few apps which may be useful if suffering a creative block.Associated Listly List.
25th April52tech year


Vector Drawing and Plans

Some easy to use apps for creating vector drawings, diagrams or plans, good for planning and documenting fiction worlds or creative projects.
26th Aprillistly-square-logo_thumb.png


Wordcount Apps

Apps for the writer – specifically for word count tracking.Associated Listly List.
28th Aprillistly-square-logo_thumb.pngEvernote-for-Writers-Square200.png


X-Factor Apps

Daily Inspiration to X-Factor your Creativity with apps for daily inspiration or quotes.Associated Listly List.
29th April


You’re on the Wall!

Apps or webapps which allow for collaborative and social project gathering online – on a wall environment.
30th April


iZen Garden

A relaxing zen garden and meditation app for iOS. Because I needed a Z post.
1st May



#26Tech Index Posts

  1. A-Z of #26Tech Posts Index (this post)
  2. A-Z of apps profiled in this series.

3 thoughts on “#26Tech | A-Z POST INDEX: Apps for Writers and Creatives

  1. Great List ! I’m on the android system and a must have is the free Word Doc app and Drop Box. They’ve both helped me when I had to leave town and finish a quick assignment.

  2. Had no idea there were those kind of apps. I must let me SIL know. She’s a published children’s author. The word count app…do you use that on the computer or only on a phone or ipad?

    Wrapping up by visits/comments for a-z, as I missed a few days being able to visit the 5 per letter. Am also continuing with a-z in May

    1. Hello Sandy.

      The word count apps have their systems in the title – most are mobile – either Android or iOS. For wordcounting on the desktop I personally use the good project stats functions in my writing software of choice – Scrivener. For big marathons of writing I track via spreadsheets, because I like to see graphs also. Hope this helped.

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