#52Tech #E4W | Week 18–Mohiomap your Evernote

This is week 18’s post for the #52Tech series. Today I look briefly at a free webservice which lets us look at our Evernote files in a visual mind-map type environment.

This post also doubles up as an #E4W or #Evernote4Writers post.


Mohiomap offers Evernote and Dropbox integration. Once you’re signed up you can authorise access into your Evernote and/or Dropbox accounts. Mohiomap brings back all your files or notes found in the account and presents them as an interactive mindmap board.

You can pull these blobs of notes around to organise as you like – I found the initial “bobbing” state of all the nodes or notes a little off-putting, but eventually saw a usefulness in looking for streams of notes or thoughts that happen out of playing with a visualisation of all the notes.

Mohiomap works in any later day browser, although the hover-functionality (necessary to drill down into notes, or save the boards) is not available through iOS mobile devices – there is therefore limited functionality if using the maps on my iPAD.

Once you open up a notebook, the related note nodes start floating around and heading for the boundaries – you thankfully have a pin button to stick them (reasonably) still. You can then open individual notes – Evernote gives you the web note or open in application actions. Other functions allow you to share to social media or email.

Editing and Tagging

mohiomap5It’s not just for viewing your data either – tags and notes are shown in the Evernote bubbles, and you can use Mohiomap’s action buttons to quickly drag a tag onto a note, for slightly easier organisation than perhaps offered in Evernote’s apps.

mohiomap4As from April, MohioMap added editing functionality to its feature set –

  • Create a new note
  • Make a copy of an existing note
  • Rename the title of a note
  • Move a note to another notebook
  • Delete a note (send to trash can)


Mohiomap Auckland Minimap example

Mohiomaps can be published for read only viewing. Initially I couldn’t see the point of this, but then noticed the example published mohiomap of Auckland (the app was created by a kiwi team). This example shows you that such a mini-map published can offer a lot of information to readers. Links published through to a web make this example map a web-based travelogue. The minimaps can be shared and embedded into websites.

Visual Representation of your Data

If you enjoy finding inspiration in a visual representation of your data, and playing around with your data to see new patterns, relationships, overlapping concepts or possible redundancies, Mohiomap is free to use for Evernote users.

Website: Mohiomap

#52Tech: This was Week 18 post in the #52tech goal – to investigate and share one technology post once a week for 2014.

You can find all the posts indexed via the #52tech tag, or top menu option at hunterswritings.com

#Evernote4Writers: This post formed part of an ongoing series to blog a book, “Evernote for Writers”. The posts from this series, offering a guide to using Evernote as a writer, can be found under the tag: E4W, #Evernote4Writers,or #E4W.

An index will be provided from the top menu.

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