A-Z Reflections

My reflections on participating in this year’s Blogging from A-Z Challenge are below. For once, I am going to be very brief.

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]As I am worn out from all the writing for last month’s blogging challenge, I’m sure you will understand the current state of silence on this blog for a little while. Regroup, re-energise, and I’m also heavily working on a novel series.

My reflections on the challenge:-

  • Writing posts everyday takes a lot of effort. Hours of effort for me. Having 2000+ blogs on the list to try to get around and visit was just not doable, or productive. But I persisted in the small timeframes I could, and noticed: –
    1. There were, as usual, many (dozens if not into a hundred or two) of bloggers who registered for the challenge, and never stumped up with blog posts (or petered out after about C or E). Understandable, but I wish people would commit or desist. More work for the administrators to cull out those blogs, and also making it frustrating to go through the list to read as many as possible.
    2. As usual, several bloggers still didn’t follow the wise advise of the challenge administrators – captcha comments are a no-go for me, not being able to find the blog posts because they’ve linked to some other page onsite, and a couple even played streaming music when visiting. Blech.
    3. Lots of dog blogs this year. Yay.
    4. Lots of new bloggers from India this year. Given India is about to push the U.S. out in numbers with an internet presence, this isn’t surprising. But most weren’t much of interest to me personally.
  • My thanks to the many new visitors, comments and follows I gained here – not a massive amount, but I enjoyed being able to give some information to those interested. My most popular post out of the last month was –  N for Notetaking Apps, which again isn’t surprising as the audience for these posts is writers.
  • And my thanks to the admins and organisers of the challenge. I had Heather, who sent out an initial rules email to me, and even visited here early on. Really well done this year, and I also appreciated the motivating posts on the A-Z Challenge site too.

survivor-atoz [2014] - SMALLI think the term “survivor” this year is apt. That’s exactly what it feels like. Phew.

8 thoughts on “A-Z Reflections

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment so regularly, Elizabeth. It was a major motivation to go on with the series.

  1. Greetings! I’m just discovering your blog as the Challenge ends, but have gone back to look at your posts for the month. I particularly liked the Scrivener and Alternatives to Scrivener posts–so informative, detailed, and well organized, but I can see why you’re tired: Thank you and Congratulations!

    1. P.S. Being half-Indian, I was delighted by all the Indian bloggers this year. Not all of them were automatically of interest to me, but that would be the case with any blog. The hardest thing for me this year was slogging through that huge list trying to find blogs of interest. As the Challenge grows that’s going to get even more difficult. Glad to have discovered yours, however belatedly.

  2. Last year I found a lot of Indian bloggers who had themes that I really enjoyed. My family has a lot of contacts and work in India – it’s the one country I personally want to visit sometime soon. But this year with the proportionate growth in India- based new student and mummy bloggers a lot of what I read was about the blogger’s everyday life or university studies, subjects I didn’t really feel enabled to comment on.

    I hope many of them found a good commardarie of fellow bloggers. As you say, as the challenge grows, finding interesting-to-us posts gets more difficult. Or fun, depending on my motivation on the day. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    I got quite lucky this year and didn’t run into any (or many, there might have been one or two) blogs with CAPCHAs on. I think people are finally getting the idea of turning them off.

    Some of the blogs I found did have bizarre commenting systems and I have to admit that if it was too much work to register with some new system and then post a comment, more often than not I’d leave without posting one.

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