Recent Random Links for writers

I’m a little busy right now, and recently promised myself that I would spend less time attending to blog writing, more time actual writing.

But I wanted to post something other than another tech post this week. So here are some random reads – links to posts I found of interest over the last few days. Relevant to writers.

1. Map out your Fictional world using Google Maps

What a brilliant and until now unknown find for me. I love to create maps for my own fictional worlds, and here some lesser known features of Google Maps allows me to do that. It will even track distances between points you mark onto the maps for you.

May I suggest, if you’re wanting to create a large fictional fantasy world, the large island I’m currently sitting on, called Australia, would be a great base to start from.

2. Some Free Writing Courses

I was trying to find a list of *good* or *recommended* online writing e-courses (other than the many university offerings). No such list exists, so it became a task to siphon through many search phrases to find those courses I’d seen recommended elsewhere but never quite noted down. I eventually found what I was after, and have started making a resource list for myself. In the meantime, I discovered these –

These are all published on Laura Brown’s webpages – each course was originally posted to Suite101 University, which since closed down that portion of the web.

Laura took the courses from those now closed pages, and put up onto her site for posterity in 2012. I am presuming she had the course author’s permission to do so. The full courses are available in one long scrollable post.

  1. Character Development By Linda Orlando
  2. Writing Mysteries By Janet Blaylock. Janet has a large bio of article works including book reviews available on her Helium bio site.
  3. Write a Novel in 30 Days By Sara McGrath – each lesson has a good reference bibliography.
  4. Writing a Children’s Book By Sally Odgers – some good information on genres per age level. Sally’s author site can (possibly) be found here. She is a prolific author and writing tutor based in Australia.
  5. Writing Therapy By Tom Bell – a course in writing poetry.
  6. Writing Well By Katherine Swarts

If you search back into the archives for May 2012 at Laura Brown’s Word Grrl site, you will also find some other SuiteU courses on technical writing, selling stories and a few others.

3. A Series to Watch – Writing Productivity

Leo Babuata at ZenHabits, recently posted ‘The Habit Action List’ which features ten areas for better habits / productivity. No 1, is small actions.

Jurgen Wollf, at the Time to Write blog, just began a series based on the action list. His first – Nine questions to get you writing more: 1- Small actions, lists some small actions you can take to get writing. It’s a very helpful list, with many very small tasks you can accomplish during small moments, even when outside the home.

(At the time of writing this, the Time to Write site appears to be down, so check back a little later).




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