#52Tech Week 21–Calmly Writer for Distraction Free Writing

A couple of weeks ago I received a comment to the large tech post for Week 4 – The Ultimate List of Distraction Blockers for Creatives. The comment was by Yusef Hassan, the creator of a new distraction free writing app on the block, Calmly Writer.

And here it is, a quick rundown.

Calmly Writer

Calmly Writer is available both online (free) and as a Chrome based desktop app, the later costs $2.99 to buy, but comes with some additional features – the obvious one being offline usage, but also the ability to import or export markdown files. My quick preview of this distraction writing app is via the free online version, which I viewed and used in Firefox and Chrome browsers.

File Formats

Calmly Writer can open and save files in .cml format, which are in essence HTML files. The application also allows you to import plain text files. As Calmly can print, you can export to PDF installing a PDF-generator. Mentioned above, the desktop app also allows for markdown formats.

Formatting Options and Spellchecking

ScreenClipAlthough providing a nice blank distraction-free screen to write in, hidden behind the scenes are some powerful formatting options.

Spellchecking can take place via the browser spell checker (if you have one). If you use the Calmly Desktop app, it utilises the in-built Google Chrome spell-checker.

The online version allows you to also use some quick markdown syntax to format headers, italics, bolds and bullets etc. Or, simply highlight the text and a menu will pop up offering the formatting options from there.


Focus, Fonts and Images

When you visit Calmly Writer online, you can immediately start typing your text onto the page. If you want to change a few options, click on the icon top-left to have the slide menu appear. This window offers word and character count, and an interesting analytic on reading time. The window menu gives font options, the ability to insert images and turn focus mode on or off.

ScreenClipWith focus mode on, your text fades after entering onto the next line, providing a focus on the line being typed.

Calmly Writer Overview

A distraction-free writing app available free in an online version, and with additional features as a Chrome app for the desktop. Features formatting options, word count, markdown compatibility, and focus mode. Looks great.

Website: Calmly Writer

#52Tech: This was Week 21 post in the #52tech goal – to investigate and share one technology post once a week for 2014. You can find all the posts indexed via the #52tech tag, or top menu option at hunterswritings.com

A list of some other distraction-free writing apps can be found in Week 4’s post in this series – Week 4 – The Ultimate List of Distraction Blockers for Creatives.

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