Superhero Presumptions 2

Now that Superman is no longer sporting his red grundies on the outside the world presumption is that he wears them on the inside, for all the support that a truly “super” man must need, right?


Which brings up two questions –

  1. The question of visible panty-lines, and –
  2. Why go with worn-out red?

My presumption is that he actually wears these underneath:

Superman briefsYou would, wouldn’t you? They’ve got his name on them, in case of amnesia and all.


3 thoughts on “Superhero Presumptions 2

  1. Grundies! Now that’s a word that’s unmistakeable on both sides of the Tasman! I never did understand the costumed superhero penchant for wearing such items on the outsde unless it was a ploy to save on laundry in some fashion.

    1. A fair point, as most of us know of the fate of actor Christopher Reeve. I didn’t create this image featuring Reeve, it has been passed around the internet.

      But I’m going to guess that the image with Reeve in red pants comes from the Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, released onto DVD in 2006. Superman II was filmed much earlier on, with Richard Donner as director, but artistic differences saw Richard Lester take over directing, and further into Superman III and IV, released in the 1980’s.

      Reeve’s horse riding accident happened in 1995, and in 2004 Reeves died of complications. At the request of fans, Richard Donner released the original Superman II in 2006 with those red underpants as overpants.

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