#52Tech Week 22 – 4 Life Habit Logging Apps

In Week 8 of the #52Tech series I listed several habit tracking apps. In April through the A-Z Blogging Challenge on the ‘H” Day I listed some habit tracking apps specifically for writers, and also linked to a growing list of overall Habit tracking apps maintained on Listly.

Today’s post features four more habit tracking type apps, but this time some also have an additional life-logging application, reporting back the correlations between your routines and work.

Habitclock (iPhone with Android coming)

habitclockHabitclock lets you set up morning habits and monitor them. You can set up a list of habits for your morning routine and tie them in with your morning alarm. The community of Habitclock users can also provide trends in habits, allowing you help in deciding on some productive habits to select. Analytics and community are only available with the premium monthly subscription.

iTunes App Store HabitClock (Free; Premium: $1.99 per month)| Website HabitClock

OptimizeMe (iPhone)

optimizemeOptimizeMe takes life logging up a cog. To get the best out of the analytics, you need to log seven days worth of activities, which are categorised into health, creativity, routine and pleasure. There is a large list of activities to choose from, or add you own. The app asks you to log time spent on that activity and your mood and rate things. You can either choose a timer to log the time spent or go back and manually input time and these ratings.

Once the data is in for the week, the app provides analytics correlating your mood or quality of sleep etc with the activities. You can see exactly what you get out of that routine for writing or pushing out those 10,000 steps each day. OptimizeMe works with Moves (which I was using until last week when I realised it was draining my battery life and with the information Moves was reporting up to owner Facebook with my data). The OptimizeMe app also contains a motivator character called Ari who provides some chat about your life logs. You may or may not find this irritating.

iTunes App Store OptimizeMe ($4.99) |Website OptimizeMe App

Reporter (iOS)

reporter appReporter takes the life logging / mood tracking aspects of OptimizeMe and puts it into your own hands. Through the app, you craft your own survey questions. You may like to ask yourself how much coffee you had, how long did you run for, how much time you spent on writing today, how many interruptions you allowed. The app then pings you through the day to make sure you answer your own questions. Autocomplete and location and people factors help complete the surveys. The result is some built in visualisations of your data in graph form which hopefully give you some insight into your routines and life.

iTunes App Store Reporter ($4.99) |Website Reporter App

 Do One Thing (iPhone or Android)

do one thingBack to the pure habit trackers, Do One Thing logs a list of habits for you. Created by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Do One Thing is a pretty simple app. It comes with a large lists of habits to choose from. Enter yours into a habit list, tell the app how often you want to do the “thing” and check them off when you’ve accomplished them. It’s free.

iTunes App Store Do One Thing (free) |Android Google Play Store Do One Thing | Website SCCA Do One Thing

#52Tech: This was Week 22 post in the #52tech goal – to investigate and share one technology post once a week for 2014. You can find all the posts indexed via the #52tech tag, or top menu option at hunterswritings.com

listly-square-logo_thumb.pngThis post has an associated Listly List of Habit Tracking apps.

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