#52Tech Week 25– Project Management Apps for the iPAD

Entrepreneurial writers (which is all of us nowadays) often need to juggle various tasks and deadlines for projects. Even a regular book launch can benefit from some project management regarding timelines, tasks and milestones.

Beginning next week this blog will be running a 2-week series on productivity. As a lead-in, for this week’s #52Tech post I am featuring some apps which will let you chart out your tasks for larger projects.


Some projects may work well managed out of spreadsheets rather than typical project management gantt charts, but taking these out and playing with them while mobile can be difficult.

Unusually, with a plethora of apps out there, project management apps are one niche that aren’t largely catered for as yet. Below you will find my picks – most of these have appeared as free apps on occasion through AppsGoneFree, so are worth keeping an eye out for as an owner of an iPad.

InShort (Mac, iOS)

mzl.vfgklfcq.175x175-75inShort appThis app provides a process flow for project management, beginning with the ability to create flow charts of processes (or task flows) and into a simple gantt chart. Charts can be exported as PDF documents.

The app integrates with the iOS calendar, great for tracking tasks, and pre-planning of your book launch or marketing or even the various processes necessary from draft to publish-ready work. I would suggest it works well for preplanning / brainstorming of your task flows.

InShort is available for Mac, iPhone or iPad.

iScope (ios and some web)

iscopeiScope appThere are various versions of iScope. iScope 1 is for iPAD only, and solo project management. If you’re after collaboration, iScope 2C offers team work functions, with the free version having some limitations. An iScope Pro version with a small monthly subscription fee offers attachment and delegation functions. The iOS apps also offer PDF in-app readers for attached documents.

iscope 2c appiScope offers a dashboard like experience for task and project inputs. There are multiple reports and methods for organising project task lists. Apps are available in free versions to try out, although the iScope1 app is simply called iScope on the app store.


iAgenda Pro  and QuickPlan Pro (iOS)

iAgenda Pro iconiAgenda ProMy app of choice is iAgenda Pro for the iPad. This is pretty much a nice gantt chart app, offering all the fields you might hope for on multi-level tasks, export ability, and each project can also have a graphic image inserted to help differentiate through the front home screen.

iAgenda Pro is available for iPhone or iPad at $6.49. iAgenda (for $1.29) is for event scheduling onto a gantt chart. This cut down version is not for project management – the charts can only be exported via images in emails.

Note: the iAgenda apps are for event scheduling – typically you can set the tasks on hours and minutes, which you can imagine is helpful if you’re creating an actual agenda for a meeting etc. iAgenda as the cut-down version offers exports only as an image. The Pro version allows for exports to PDF, and Microsoft Excel file formats. You may be suited with the iAgenda cut down version.

However, I use iAgenda witht he day function, flowing tasks across multiple days.

QuickPlan Pro is the full project management app with more project management functionality such as child or project groups, imports of projects from Microsoft Project etc, and task durations of days and months.  Project tracking task functions include % complete, and resources and costs on tasks, which iAgenda does not have. But I get along fine with the gantt charts available in my iAgenda app.

Project Planner HD (iOS)

Project Planner HDProject Planner HD iconThere are iPhone and Mac versions for Project Planner also, but I like the look of Project Planner HD which offers some nice gantt chart and pm functionality, including imports from other project management apps which provide files in .ppf format – this includes the free opensource desktop tool Gantt Project.

Project Planner HD is available for $7.99.

#52Tech: This was Week 25 post in the #52tech goal – to investigate and share one technology post once a week for 2014. You can find all the posts indexed via the #52tech tag, or top menu option at hunterswritings.com

Look out for the productivity series beginning next week.

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