Wombats, Because They’re My Favs

Footage provided by ‘Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary’ of New South Wales. Check out their website to see their incredible work rescuing and rehabilitating wombats from the wild:

My daughter is doing a school project on WIREs also (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) so we are currently knitting possum and marsupial pouches.

I’ve also made a ring-tail possum drey, in the hope that if it’s good enough, it will entice the flaming big one out of living in our garage roof. (You may understand if I point out that with spring coming, it’s beginning to sound like mating season out there).

Possum Drey
Ring-tailed Possum Drey – made from two coconut lined hanging baskets, and cable-ties. Note – this one is inside, for the purposes of photography. We typically try not to encourage our native wildlife into living inside with us, hence this is a stuffed model possum, not a real one. Yet.

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