Random Want


This arrived in my inbox today. It’s the daily deal from an Aussie online superstore.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t get on with clowns (which are a lot like vegemite, you either love them or hate them with no middle ground). And to be honest, too many thriller or ghost / demon writers have ruined not only simple baby-dolls but ventriloquist dummies for me.


I just want.

I don’t know what I’d do with him, mind. Perhaps find a trunk and hide him away with red fake blood on his mouth, ready to be horrifically found one day by an unsuspecting family member? Maybe just give him as an unwanted gift to somebody, and watch how many times he’s re-gifted. Or there’s always my entry in Australia’s Got Talent.

Writer’s Prompts:

  1. A favourite aunt gifts you with Charlie as a legacy family heirloom. You actually want him, but he doesn’t want you.
  2. The genuine original Charlie (made out of real borer-eaten wood) is unhappy about all the copycat cheap vinyl rip-offs in his likeness.
  3. A desperate housewife (because aren’t we all?) spends her full monthly budget on a doll, rather than groceries.

One thought on “Random Want

  1. Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy were very popular in the radio days, which always puzzled me. I mean, half the fun of a ventriloquist act is seeing the interplay between the ventriloquist and the doll, isn’t it?

    If you’ve never heard the act, check out some of the stuff on YouTube. It is hilarious.

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