Productivity Fortnight+1 Post Index

Productivity Fortnight 16

Over the past three weeks this blog has posted on the general subject of productivity. There have been many productivity hacks and methods discussed with quite a few links and apps shared.

Here is the index to all the posts, listing major topics and tools posted.

Week 1

Post 1 – What is Productivity?

Productivity Fortnight 1Productivity Defined

  • Introduction
  • Simple attempt at a productivity definition
  • Links to articles on making productivity simple.
Post 2 -Why be Productive? – Big Goals

Productivity Fortnight 2Coming up with the big long-term goals.

  • Mission and Vision Statements, Manifestos and Slogans defined.
  • Books mentioned: Stephen Pressfield – War of Art, Stephen Covey –  7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Example links: 2 Writer’s Manifestos
Post 3 – Passionate Goals and Plans

Productivity Fortnight 3Ensure you follow your passion, and starting to plan how to take big goals into action using a strategy or plan document.

  • Passion = Motivation = Productivity  – “The Flow”
  • Assignment Links: many links to writing plan articles and templates, and two Amazon creative planning books.
Post 4 – SMART Goals to Chunks

Productivity Fortnight 4Begin to break down the strategy into smaller chunks – milestones and tasks, using SMART.

  • SMART definition
  • Goals, Milestones, Habits and Tasks definitions via Michael Hyatt
  • Books mentioned: SJ Scott –‘S.M.A.R.T. Goals Made Simple – 10 Steps to master Your Personal and Career Goals
Post 5 – Eating Task Animals

Productivity Fortnight 5A followup from Post 4, as an #52Tech post includes apps. Two methods for chunking down and prioritising tasks.

  • Eat the Elephant – task chunking.
  • Eat That Frog – task prioritisation.
  • Books mentioned: Brian Tracy – Eat that Frog!
  • Apps – ElephantBites, Eat That Frog; and task management apps – Omnifocus, Todoist, Wunderlist, and Toodledo.

Week 2

Post 6 – Attention! Focus on This!

 Productivity Fortnight 6Two forms of focus with scientific research to back it up.

  • Task Focus vs Goal Focus.
  • Video: What the internet is doing to our brains
  • Multitasking vs One at a Time.
  • Book Mentioned:  Gary Keller – ‘The ONE Thing, Surprisingly Simple Truths behind Extraordinary Results’ 
Post 7 – Take Action

Productivity Fortnight 7Putting high level plans into action with action plans and really small tasks.

  • Action Plans
  • MITs– Most Important Tasks (from GTD and Zenhabits)
  • The 2 Minute Rule (from GTD)
  • Tiny Habits – BJ Fogg’s habit setting methodology and course.
  • Apps – links to articles listing habit tracking apps, and my own large listly list of habit tracking apps.
Post 8 – Tackling Tasks – Action and Next Action

Productivity Fortnight 8Continuing on from Post 7, more on actioning tasks.

  • Next Action (from GTD).
  • Biggest First or Big Rocks First (from Zenhabits)
  • The 1 Minute Trick (Gretchen Ruben)
  • Zero Inbox / Inbox Zero (GTD and Merlin Mann, 43Folders)
  • Book mentioned – Stephen Covey – First Things First
  • Apps Listed – email services: Mailbox, Mailstrom, Boomerang, FollowUpCC.

Note – further email management tips and apps can be found in Post 15.

 Post 9 – Batching Tasks

Productivity Fortnight 9Group tasks into work batches.

  • Simple Batches
  • Batch via @Context (from GTD) – discussion on different contexts.
  • Work Station Popcorn – combines batched tasks with environmental movement.
  • Apps – Kanban or swimlaning task apps like Trello.
Post 10 – Priorities and Decision Making

Productivity Fortnight 10Methods and tools for deciding on tasks and prioritising them. A #52Tech tool post.

  • The Eisenhower Matrix/ Stephen Covey Urgent/Important Matrices
  • Urgency vs Importance definition
  • The Paired Comparison – going through one-by-one and rating against another.
  • Decision Matrix – using factors for comparison
  • Effective vs Complex Tasks (as factors)
  • Hitting Emotions (as factors)
  • ABC Prioritisation – must,should, nice-to
  • Must, Should,Could & Won’t – MoSCow
  • Starred Approach – link to Journaling Series.
  • Books mentioned – Michael Linenberger – The 1 Minute To-Do List, Stephey Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • App for That Eisenhower app, Priority matrix app. (Eisenhower has video)

 Week 3

Post 11 – FHWW and the 3P’s

Productivity Fortnight 11Productivity methods recommended in The Four Hour Work Week including Pareto’s Principle, Parkinson’s Law and the Pomodoro timing system.

  • Book discussed – Tim Ferriss – The 4-Hour WorkWeek.
  • Cornerstone principles within FHWW.
  • Selective Ignorance (good for email management)
  • Pareto’s Principle
  • Parkinson’s Law
  • Pomodoro

Post 12 – GTD and Related Concepts

Productivity Fortnight 12Productivity methods detailed through Getting Things Done.

  • Book discussed – David Allen – Getting Things Done
  • Cornerstone principles from GTD, including links to previous posts where some are detailed.
  • Open Loops
  • Tickler Systems – including 43 Folders
  • Other GTD Style Methods including book: Leo Babauta – Zen to Done.
  • Apps for That – Best GTD Apps – Things, Toodledo, Todoist, ZenDone, Omnifocus
Post 13 – Time Management

Productivity Fortnight 13Well-known principles, techniques and hacks for managing and analysing your time.

  • Summary links to other time management techniques in previous posts – 2 Minute Rule, 1 Minute Trick, Pomodoro
  • Timer Based Systems like Pomodoro and the Ultradian Rhythm.
  • Timeboxing and The Power Hour – Gretchen Rubin
  • Other timeboxing examples like wordsprints etc and
    Merlin Mann’s (10+2)*5 productivity hack
  • Time Audits (some apps supporting time audits featured in Post 15)
  • Books mentioned: Neil Fiore – The Now Habit
Bonus Post – 10 Tips to be a More Productive Writer using Evernote

Productivity Fortnight 17A bonus post which sits within the #E4W or Evernote for Writers book to blog series.

  • 10 + 2 bonus tips on using Evernote as a writer
  • Includes a free PDF document with additional tips.
Post 14 – Lists, To-Do’s and Reviews

Productivity Fortnight 14The fundamental tool in productive work – the list or task list, but what to do with it once completed? The answer is to review.

  • Types of lists 
  • Alternatives to to-do lists – Done Lists, Could-Do Lists, 1-3-5 Lists (an alternative to MITs), Bullet Journals.
  • Reviews  – GTD Weekly reviews, and other cyclic review policies.
  • Book mentioned: SJ Scott – ToDo List Makeover
Post 15 – Productivity Roundup with Apps

Productivity Fortnight 15Random associated concepts with apps for that. A #52Tech post.

  • Email Zero-ing – followup from Post 8 – Zero Inbox, with further email management tips –5 sentence responses or 4 sentence responses. Email speed dating  or 50 mails in 50 minutes or Tim Ferriss FHWW preference to open emails during certain times. (links to originator articles)
  • Apps for That – Email Management apps detailed –Email Game,, Mailbox, Dispatch, Mailstrom, Boomerang,
  • Timing Tasks – followup from Post 13 Time Management, with further apps for task timing and time audits.
  • Apps, 30/30 ipad time audit app, Now Then iOS time audit app, RescueTime and Klok
  • Random Productivity links and resources including – Accountability Partners, Energy Management and a list of Top Productivity Blogs.
Post 16 – Writing Productively

Productivity Fortnight 18A summary post with the productivity tools discussed in this post series applied and implemented through a typical big writing goal, linking to appropriate posts for more information.

Post 17 – This Index Post

Productivity Fortnight 16

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