#E4W – Write yourself a letter in Evernote

For writers using Evernote, here’s a nice idea that recently came through via the Evernote community – write yourself a letter to be read in a year’s time.

The original idea came from an account exec at Yelp, summarised in this Evernote blog post – Evernote Reminder: Write a Letter to Your Future Self, and although not new, is an inspiring idea in the realms of the time capsule letter.

I wrote my own letter to myself, incorporating some personal and family dreams and confirmations on my writing plans and desires of where I will be with them in one year’s time. This is filed into a writing business and career plans notebook in Evernote – one I typically only go into intermittently. Using the new date-reminder feature in Evernote for iOS, I set a reminder date of 1st August 2015. On that date a reminder alarm will pop up, and I’ll receive an email notification to go read my letter to myself.

Being just over half way through the year, it’s a great time to quickly catch up with your big goals in this way.

letter to me



This post formed part of an ongoing series to blog a book, “Evernote for Writers“. The posts from this series, offering a guide to using Evernote as a writer, can be found under the tag: E4W, #Evernote4Writers,or #E4W. An index will be provided from the top menu.


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