#52Tech Week 37–Random Apps of Kindness, Part 1

For this week’s #52Tech post, I’ve collected a few reference type webapps and/or posts which are bookmarkable for many writers.

This listing is kept short. More will be detailed in Part 2 next week.

Editing and Revision

More Word References


Eras, Nature and All Sorts of References


Cool Tools

  • nowdothisTitle Capitalization.com – confused by where capitals should appear in your title? Yeah, me too – blog titles appear to be altering as we go. Use this quick webapp to input your title and it will capitalise all you need using rules from The Chicago Manual of Style: 16 ed. paragraph 8.155
  • Now Do This – input your todo list in natural language and it will set a timer for you. So, input “Write for 1 hour” and it will count down for you. Uses Quicktime for alarm sound.
  • Fake Name GeneratorCanvanizer – digital sticky notes on a board. Collaborate, brainstorm and organise your ideas. The canvas templates you must choose from are very business orientated, but the kanban and a couple of others may be useful. There appears no blank one to start off from but it’s still currently free!
  • Fake Name Generator – choose a name set, country, gender, and this webapp delivers you not only a character name, but all sorts of details like weight, height, blood type, address in that country, and things like UPS Tracking numbers and GUIDs that I never knew existed.
  • Strip Creator – like to create storyboards for your plot but can’t even attempt a stick man? Then this webapp may help you out. Don’t spend too much time perusing all the other shared strips, though.
  • Date to Date Calendar – I’m always creating characters with birth dates, then wondering how old they are when I hit them with a certain plot point. Date to Date calculates this out. You can even input time fields, to work out just how long that particular scene takes to get through in real time.

52tech year#52Tech: This was Week 37 post in the #52tech goal – to investigate and share one technology post once a week for 2014. You can find all the posts indexed via the #52tech tag, or top menu option at hunterswritings.com

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