#52Tech Week 38–Random Apps of Kindness, Part 2

Here is another list of writing-helpful webapps and sites. Last week you will find more randomness.

Writing Tools

WPS Writer on androidWPS Writer (formerly Kingsoft) – if you’re a Windows or Linux user looking for an alternative to Microsoft Word, WPS Writer may well be it.

  • There is a free version or paid version ($69.95 USD), and comes in an office suite with spreadsheet and presentation modules. The purchased set allows macros to be used or setup.
  • There are also free apps for Android and iOS, allowing you to deal with documents across devices, using Dropbox or other connections to share and sync the files.

 WSP Writer header

Word Counter – if you don’t have access to Word or something like Scrivener, and need a wordcount, try Word Counter.net – it’s fast and accurate.

Free book: Macros for Writers and Editors

Archive Publications provides a free Macros for Writers and Editors e-book (600+ pages), which you can download (version: 11 July 2014). It contains well over 400 macros that will help with a range of different tasks around writing and editing using Microsoft Word.


More Word, Writing and Other Random References

Continuing on from last week’s lists for words, and random other references-

  • behindthenameAndy’s Anachronisms – reviews on time-travel, alternative universes and temporal anomalies in novels, films, plays, short stories, TV and music; and links to scientific theories.
  • BehindtheName – generate first, middle and last names with specific nationalities, history, from literary, biblical, rapper and fantasy sources.
  • The Dumb Network – ridiculous laws, kooky facts, silly photos and stories of stupid crooks.
  • Food Reference – facts, quotes, trivia, recipes, history.
  • The Phobia List – list of fears.
  • Handbook of Rhetorical Devices  – Robert Harris. For when you know what a simile is, but not a sententia.
  • The Fallacy Files – for when you can’t explain a loaded question, or the probalistic fallacy of the gambler.
  • Word Spy – Paul McFedries – guide to new words like spaxel or smartwatch (timely at this point – hah! pun goodness).
  • Google Book’s Ngram Viewer – graph phrases used in books, good for locating if that particular word you are using in a historically set novel was actually in usage at the time. Here’s a Grammar Girl post on using the Ngrams.
  • MBA / Management Theories – on a page – huge reference links for anything from delta models to brainstorming or just-in-time. My sentence wasn’t alphabetic – the page is.
  • RefDesk – huge site, contains many things, including today in history, FBI news releases, health and trivia tips of the day, news links – hours of references.

History References

  • eyewitness to historyThe Costume Gallery Research Library – textile/colour references, shoes, clothes, hats, etiquette primers, vintage photos, needlework and film costumes.
  • Rulers – locate who was in charge of that certain country.
  • Eyewitness to History – contains letters, diary excerpts, photographs, vocal recordings and film clips, kind of like Amsterdamn’s famous sex history museum.

#52Tech: This was Week 38 post in the #52tech goal – to investigate and share one technology post once a week for 2014. You can find all the posts indexed via the #52tech tag, or top menu option at hunterswritings.com

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