Announcing 3 Things

Dougy E4W

Thing 1

This is Douglas. He’s not a replacement for Mickey, he’s very different. And tiny. And not toilet trained. And active, and annoying, and potentially – in the long run – a writing companion and mascot for me. We’ll see – the jury is currently out.

I still miss Mickey immensely. But Dougy certainly gives me something else to think about. Like every second, when he’s awake. Sighs.

Dougy wearing a cat halloween costume - because you do.
Dougy wearing a cat halloween costume – because you do.

Thing 2

Everything for Writers (Tumblr blog)

I got sick of listing lots of links, tools, videos etc which I found interesting. So, I’ve remixed my primary tumblr blog, and it’s called

Everything for Writers

now. Meaning everything – I am putting up new links to articles, tutorials, resource and reference images helpful for writers, and tagging with abandon.

I’ve also appropriated the former E4W (which was for Evernote for Writers) to become Everything for Writers. Because I can, okay?!

It’s easier to collect/collate all the things of interest I find daily via the many Tumblr widgets, browser plugins and apps available. WordPress may provide similar types of posts, but getting them in there is much more difficult. Tumblr has it’s merits for accessibility, but is frustrating with a lack of html features for formatting.

My other tumblr blogs are now defunct – you can only operate with reblogs via your primary one, so mine is for everything I’m interested in – including Evernote and Scrivener tips as I find them.

Joining Tumblr properly has been interesting also – there is a huge writing community of tumblr blogs out there which I never knew existed. Interestingly, many open up “question boxes” for readers to write in with writing questions – there are many good answers there, but also a lot of users ask questions on reference and research topics which could be easily found with a simple google search. There are also a few writers on tumblr who seem to have acquired a cult “expert” status through answering such questions.

But regarding reference resources, it’s a whole heap of information from a large community base – example: this reblog of today – Women and Heart Attacks – where I learnt that women show heart attack symptons differently than men, and the media and books so rarely show this that we are at risk. There are also several expert blogs which discuss people of colour and various sexualities, subjects which it’s often difficult to know how to portray such characters realistically and equally.

The Tumblr community of writers are a younger dynamic also – Tumblr has a lot of teens and twenty-year olds with blogs, so this allows me to keep an eye on potential audience interests.

If you’re interested, here’s the link to my E4W tumblr, where I am about to keep everything I find. It currently looks like this (below) but I add new content daily, so it’s a moving page.

E4W Tumblr

Thing 3

I’m committing to doing NaNoWriMo this year. I’m having difficulty finding paths of time when Dougy is actually asleep and not about to need to be run outside before he does something we both regret. But I’m trying to prep, and hope that next month will find us both settled more into a routine which will work for 50K of words.

I would put up this year’s little NaNo badge, but they haven’t got it yet. Whaattt? Yeah, they are still updating their website.

Subject to my time, this blog may be even less busy than normal. I’m sure you’ll understand.

Thing 4 (hah!)

For those who joined up with the newslist this month, based on the share of a NaNo Checklist through Pinterest, I suspect – the latest newsletter is winging it’s way to you as I write. This contains a Powerpack of bonus content – including that NaNo Checklist.

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