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Way back in January of this year I posted about Joseph Michael’s fantastic Scrivener course, Learn Scrivener Fast, and believed in it so much that I became an affiliate. But I’m not a great marketer, which appears to be less needed every month, with the Learn Scrivener Fast course taking off across the net.

But with the arrival of a lot of emails in my own inbox today, now’s the time to remind you.

Firstly, those emails I told you about aren’t for Joseph’s course at all. I have three emails from affiliate marketers who somehow got my address, telling me in three different spiels to sign up quick for the latest greatest learning Scrivener video courses out there – for a product called Scrivener Unleashed.

Now, openly, I am the type of person who learns better with a number of courses supplementing my memory, so I own or have used many Scrivener courses available, including having lifetime access to the Mac version of Scrivener Unleashed, which was sold at the time without the newer Windows separate product being available.

There are a couple of things which bother me about the Scrivener for Windows Unleashed marketing – mostly the similarities with content and particularly the bonus offerings (bonus blogging templates and fullscreen images) compared to what’s been available through Learn Scrivener Fast.

Not to go against it, but the Scrivener Unleashed sell boast of being –

“… the ONLY Scrivener for Windows Training Course on the Planet!”

isn’t fully true either.

Scrivener Unleashed (for Windows) is not the only Scrivener for Windows Training Course on the planet. Gwen Hernandez does Windows courses (and her blog is a must-read), albeit in PDF screenshot formats. There is a Udemy course on Scrivener which uses both Mac and Windows. And Joseph Michael’s Learn Scrivener Fast course has a lot of Windows content – you can take either the Mac or Windows routes through the courses. The difference in Scrivener Unleashed is that the Mac and Windows versions are kept separate, meaning if you work on both, or later change your platform, then you will need to pay twice.

So back to my recommendation –

Learn Scrivener Fast

Both Mac and Windows Scrivener Usage, For the One Cost


Having lifetime access to Learn Scrivener Fast offers me both platforms, Mac or Windows, which is helpful when I find all that good advice out there for, say, how to implement a TOC in my ebook, only to find that the feature doesn’t yet appear in my Windows version.

Besides, there’s always the hope that Apple will finally logically price it’s systems so that it can compete with cheaper PCs.

Not Just Videos

I personally don’t get on very well with fully video orientated courses. Not my learning style. Learn Scrivener Fast, although billed as a video course, offers in module screenshots, and additional downloads as needed. All packages get cheatsheets. The videos are, as promised on the tin, fast also. Most can be watched during very short breaks of less than 4 minutes. The detailed screenshots are what made my own learning actually sink in.

Lifetime Access and Updates

There are three different pricing structures, but which ever you buy into, you’ll always have access into those particular features. When I purchased the product there was a special on for the Ninja top package, meaning I have access to download the videos for a lifetime of use, and to an expert series which only recently was upgraded with another module of 10 videos from Sean Platt on outlining. (Also available for purchase on Udemy).

Community Awareness and Support

Joseph Michael has some big guns supporting the product. Jeff Goins, Joanna Penn, Joel Friedlander and Michael Hyatt have interviewed and quoted for the Learn Scrivener Fast program. Many free tips and tricks have been offered as free webchats or screencasts across the blogging worlds over the past few months – you can hardly miss them. Going to many of those free offerings can support your own learning and use of the product no end.

After a good course to teach yourself Scrivener?

For those slogging through NaNoWriMo alongside me, as usual Literature and Latte are sponsoring the challenge again, so you will find discounts for participating or even a bigger one for winners, should you want to purchase Scrivener.

And for when you’re finally done and dusted on NaNo – or are ready now, and for your Scrivener training, I fully recommend taking a look at Learn Scrivener Fast (affiliate link).

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