Growing the NaNovel – Revision

Shady TreesI like this quote a lot lately, so made a graphic as inspiration for my own long revision sessions. I am also sharing some resource links for building your revision plans.

I could certainly do with a shady tree (with a power-point) right now – my first session into revising the mess that is meant to be a draft was suffered through 35 degrees Celcius heat and 95% humidity. It’s swelteringly hot and muggy here in Sydney, but with forceful thunderstorms each day also.

So, it appears my revision sessions will be quite literally sweating it out.

Having taken a huge five days away from my draft (I wanted to retain momentum) I searched out all the solid advice I could find for how to revise, planned out a multi-leveled program of pass-throughs, and began.

Advice on Revising

For those about to start revision, here’s a list of great resources I used when developing my own revision plans. More can be found on my tumblr resource blog, Everything 4 Writers – under the #revision filter.

More resources can be found in my scrapbook collection with hashtag #revision on Everything 4 Writers


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