Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings.

christmas wishes

Featured above, Dougy is my new writing mascot. He doesn’t actually write, but there certainly could be a story written about him. It’s been a horrible year for my family, and certainly for my home town of Sydney and Australia recently. When things like these current events happen, it brings us to a stop, and during that breath, we remind ourselves what we are truly grateful for.

Dougy, despite his naughtiness, is one of those little things.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, seasons greetings, and every other blessing. See you in the New Year.

In memory of Clare, my best friend and bridesmaid, who passed on with breast cancer early this year, after fighting it off for three decades.

In memory of two pets who shared short but blessed lives with my family – Mickey the cavoodle and Mr Latte the bunny.

In memory of the souls taken during the Sydney Siege and the eight children taken up north allegedly by their mother.

In gratitude for the heroes, small and big.

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