Oh no, not another post about New Year, new goals.

Happy new year, all.  And that’s about all I’m going to say about that.

With the new year comes new intentions or goals (not resolutions, because I’ve resolutely been avoiding those things). And there are some changes coming too.

This year I haven’t personally decided on a word (or three words or whatever your recipe may be) for the year, nor did I intend making any large yearly goals.  I have got a timeline in mind, and plans, but I’m pretty relaxed about it currently, as everything seems to be going well (and no idea how it happened, but I’m enjoying the editing and rewrite process).

Despite not setting any real big-dog goals for myself, I was today inspired by this post by Brooke Warner (of She Writes) published at Huffington Post. In 52 things for writers for 2015, Brooke provides a list of options or goals or challenges or whatever else you want to call them, to keep a writer occupied over the year.

It may seem contrary to say in the first instance, that I have no large goals, then to admit I’ve set at least 52 of them. But as Brooke suggests, the 52 Things meme is one way of focusing on doable things, and it doesn’t matter if you only achieve 26 of them over the year, at least you’ve achieved them.

I came up with 52 things of my own, with a heavy focus on editing, writing and publishing through various channels, and moving more locally in writing communities. I also added three bonus things (apparently 55 makes me feel safer) and another 5 things to cut back on.

The big one for me to cut back on this year is the blogging. Obviously writing blogs takes me away from writing and completing fiction. In fact, after spending the entire of 2014 doing a large blog posting series or five, I’m pretty much blog-burned out currently.

Any links or news I do share now are found on my Tumblr blog anyway, Everything for Writers. There are daily posts there.

I know that blogging is a little too fun to give up entirely, so decided to keep this blog, perhaps with an infrequent and less serial schedule of posts, at least for a while.

What I really would like to do is go into a collaborative group or shared blog position. One where I can continue to blog posts (perhaps on the technical side of writing, perhaps on something else) and be supported by one or more other writers who regularly post also.

If you know of any compatible group blogs, or have started thinking along the same lines, and are up for it, simply contact me. I know that a lot of such group blogs are themed around a group of real life writers, or on a commercial genre, but if you feel you have a lot in common with me as a writer, perhaps we can break the mould together.

In the meantime, I’ll look out for some posting opportunities, and keep this blog going forward, just less regularly.

Now, write on.


One thought on “Oh no, not another post about New Year, new goals.

  1. That sounds like a good idea as you won’t feel a failure if you don’t achieve one big goal. Some of those 52 have to be doable.

    I think blogging is still essential for connecting to other writers, but a shared blog sounds like an excellent idea.

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