Writing Resources – Revision and Self-Editing

I am currently in the middle of a revision phase. Which means I now am gifted with a greater understanding of the phase and an even bigger realisation that I don’t (yet) have enough knowledge to get me through.  The self-editing stage is where all that writing craft knowledge comes into use.

There are hundreds of writing craft books, courses and WWW resources on structure, plotting and how to write a novel, but significantly less for the next process of revision, rewriting or self-editing.

But slowly more and more blog posts, writing books, and courses are opening up around the revision process for fiction.

I’ve curated some of the best as a resource collection for you, and posted this up recently at my Tumblr resource blog. I hope it’s helpful for all of those like me, who are in this phase of producing a manuscript worthy of contention.

Any other resources (particularly courses or books or good blog posts) I may have missed, either add a comment on the Tumblr post, or here on this one.

E4W Masterlist BetterWriter RevisionEditing


 Tumblr and my other E4W Masterguides

For those with further interest, I use the Tumblr platform as a resources or curation area, basically because it allows for most types of media posts, provides a reasonable tagging and search system, and has an environment of a few good writing advice blogs.

Whilst you can find most of the hundreds of resources (images, links, text etc) if you search and filter under a tag like, say #editing,  I also maintain some large masterguides – which basically are hand-written to sweep up all the best resources on a topic.

If you like the Revision Masterguide linked to above, you may like some of the others – there is one on plotting and outlining, another on word use. You will find an index to the E4W Masterguides here. All of my masterguides are kept updated regularly.


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