3 Days, 3 Free Mini Writing Workshops

When I was a learner writer (as if we ever stop being that?!) I found a lot of help through Holly Lisle’s online writing workshops.

Her large (7 month) basics class, How to Think Sideways is relaunching for a very brief time again at the moment, and to celebrate (and draw you in) there are 3 mini workshops starting today. These are completely free to take, all you need is to signup to an email system.

These are original, created by Holly Lisle to introduce you to the process of Thinking Sideways.
  • Today, you’re going to come up with a brand-new story idea you want to write.
  • Tomorrow, you’ll create two great characters who will live in that story.
  • Thursday, you’ll write the first scene of a story that will thrill you.

–>Get your free classes here (affiliate link, but only if you signup to the paid for subscription course – the mini classes are completely free).

How to Think Sideways

For those of you who may be tempted – How to Think Sideways is a full 7 month course – and it’s intense, invigorating, and inspirational. Starting off with mapping out your own areas of passion as a writer, coming up with a sentence, characters etc, the course takes you from go to whoa, on writing a novel.

The course has previously been available as a PDF or ebook series, as a course, and as a subscription course. Holly Lisle is currently moving websites (a long process) and her flagship course will only be offered to new intakes once a year. So, for this week only, the course is being opened up for new writers again, to allow for the building of a lively community going through the course again. Old hands (like myself) are encouraged to go through the course again, and add to the community experience and discussions. Once you’re signed up, you can always retake the course over the years – it’s yours forever.

As I’m currently neck deep in revishition (and Holly has another course for revising) I may drop in from time to time to remind myself of some of the basics also. Sometimes in the middle of editing, I’ve found I’ve lost sight of exactly why I wrote the thing in the first place. HTTS will remind me.

How to Think Sideways is a large investment (speaking as someone who baulks at paying hundreds of dollars for writing courses locally) but you get 7 months full of information and exercises, and access to a community forever.

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