Write – a Writing App worthy of contention

write dark

I’m quite excited about this new Writing App, simply called Write.

It looks like an excellent replacement for the clunky Evernote, runs smoothly, and with cloud storage on the Pro version, will in the future provide many great writing features – like group session writes, reviews etc.

Write has started off as a Windows app too – one up for the creators, as how often do Windows PC users have to wait around for versions of top writing apps first created for the Mac?

The writing interface supports Markup, multiple text formatting options (missing from Evernote), autocomplete, a learning spell-checker, wordcount and project targets, tabbed multiple writing projects on the go at the same time (and saved as sessions), multiple unlimited undoes, several export options, alongside cloud storage and some nice preset text styles.

The Cloud Based Write version is freshly out – and currently early adopters (up to around November of this year) get it all free, with a subscription of $5 monthly or $50 yearly once Write Pro goes fully live. This cost is similar to Evernote’s subscription plans for Pro Users.

Write Lite – as the legacy version will be rebranded – will remain free forever. This version does not sport the Dark skin or Cloud options of Write Pro, but may be a worthy desktop app for contention for many users anyway.

In Comparison

Of course, Write is a singular writing app and although offering many missing writing features from Evernote, Evernote retains its uses for many other functions such as research notes (I have thousands of notes in EN), with webclipping, cross-platform and mobile apps, and the support of many file formats such as images allowed in notes.

Write does not offer images or tables etc, but has a much smaller footprint on your PC usage for that reason – it runs fast, and on my clunky old PC, that’s important.

Write, unlike Evernote also offers me the ability to export my data as .text and pdfs. For Writers who do a lot of writing – say, for blogs, websites, and use Markup as content ninjas, Write may well be the way to go. As it’s still fresh out of the stalls, and under development, early adopters also have the ability to influence what features are added.

I also like Write for it’s structural features – multiple tabs across the top, and multiple folder options to the side. Evernote frustrates me because you can only have a two level structure — a stack can contain multiple notebooks, but that’s as far as you can go. Evernote has never added html text formatting options, or publishing options. It still remains difficult to export out writing projects also.

Another option which may be a workable replacement for Evernote with multiple folder trees is Centrallo. Centrallo offers some file attachments capabilities also, and a similar pricing structure for storage for larger users. It’s web-based but offers some mobile apps. I am striking problems with formatting text within notes however, making it difficult to use with larger writing projects.

Scrivener is by far one of the most popular writing programmes for Mac and Windows users. As a full writing environment, however, it still lacks many options including a mobile app, which see me still resorting to Evernote to contain my many planning notes and research clippings.

None of our current writing options – at least for Windows users, offer publishing options needed, such as Publish to the web or social media.

If future releases of Write add images, file attachments and tables, perhaps even plugin or compatibility with some other apps like bibliography or reference apps, importantly – compatible mobile apps with off-line functionalities, and publishing to web options, all without bloating the smoothness of the actual writing editor, it could be a huge win. In the meantime, I really really like it. Write makes actual writing or the production of work, very easy.

Find Write here.

Write light

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